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Modeling our fantasy world, 1/87th at a time...
Normal Schedule

Meetings begin around 6:30 PM
Best days to visit are on Run Nights
**    The Thursday evening hours have been expanded to 6:30 to 9:00 PM!
***   The Third Thursday of each month is our normally scheduled "Run Night".
Polk Station Rail
At The Rickreall Grange
Model Train Swap Meet with
an operating model railroad.
Saturday, November 7, 2020
9 AM to 4 PM
Bring the entire family for a wonderful time!
Location:  280 Main St. (Hwy 99), Rickreall, OR 97338
Admission: $5 Adults, 12 and under free
Free Parking and Great Food!

Vendor Information:
Upstairs 8' table = $20, Downstairs 6' table = $20
Set up on Thur. Nov. 5 from 5 PM to 7 PM, or Sat. Nov. 7 at 7 AM
Contact Information: Steve at
or at (503)857-2108
Mailing information:  2085 S. Pacific Hwy. W.,
Dallas, OR 97338
Make Checks payable to Polk Station Rail


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2020 Polk Station Rail and Rickreall Grange Schedule of Events
Subject to change

Jan. 23rd Thursday Night PSR Run Night/Clean Up
Jan. 30th Thursday Night PSR Run Night/ Clean Up

Feb. 2nd Sunday PSR Open House/Work Party/Flea Market
Feb. 6th Thursday Night PSR Meeting 7pm/Clean Up/Set Up for Show!
Feb. 8th Saturday 7am-4pm Model Train Swap Meet & Show!
Feb. 13th Thursday 12 Noon Pot Luck/ 1pm Grange Meeting
Feb. 20th Thursday Night PSR Run Night

March 5th Thursday Night PSR Meeting 7pm
March 8th Sunday PSR Open House/Work Party/Flea Market
March 12th Thursday 12 noon Pot Luck/ 1pm Grange Meeting
March 19th Thursday Night PSR Run Night

April 5th Sunday PSR Open House/Work Party/Flea Market
April 9th Thursday 12 noon Pot Luck/1pm Grange Meeting
April 16th/23rd/30th PSR Clean Up/Test Run Trains for Show

May 2nd & 3rd Sat/Sun Model Train Swap Meet/PSR Open House 7am-4pm
May 7th Thursday Night PSR Meeting 7pm
May 14th Thurs. 12 Noon Pot Luck/pm Grange Meeting
May 21st Thursday Night PSR Run Night

June 6th Saturday Flea Market
June 7th Sunday PSR Open House/Work Party/Flea Market
June 11th Thursday 12 Noon Pot Luck/1pm Grange Meeting

June 12th thru Oct 1st Grange Closed for Summer!
July- No Train Club Meeting- Lands on 4th of July Week!

Sept 3rd Thursday Night 7pm Train Club Meeting
Sept. 17th Thurs. PSR Train Run Night

Oct. 4th Sunday PSR Open House/Hunting Sale/Flea Market
Oct. 8th Thurs. Noon BBQ Pot Luck/ 1pm Meeting
Oct. 15th Thursday PSR Run Night
Oct. 30th 31st Fri/Sat Holiday Craft Sale

Nov. 1st Sun. Holiday Craft Sale/PSR Open House
Nov. 5th Thurs. PSR Meeting 7pm
Nov. 7th Sat. PSR Model Train Swap Meet/Open House
Nov. 12th Thurs. Noon Pot Luck/1pm Meeting
Nov. 19th Thurs. Night PSR Run Night

Dec. 5th & 6th Sat/Sun Holiday Craft Bazzar/ PSR Open House Both Days!
Dec. 10th Thurs. 1pm Grange Meeting! 
Dec. 11th Fri Night ?? Christmas Party???6pm