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POTB GE 45-tonner 4501 - ex-Samtrak

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RPRX 2001

Owner: Port of Tillamook Bay Number:

POTB 4501

Built: Sept. 2006 Purchased: Sept. 2008
Unit History:   Built: Oct. 1983
Build No.: 15713 Frame No.:  
Original number: US Army 7249 (sold 1972 to ARR) Used at: Cornhusker Ordinance Plant, Ovina, NE
Later owners: Alaska Railroad 7249 (1972-1983)   Valdez, AK among other locations
  Chelatchie Prairie RR (1983-1994)   Battle Ground, WA
  Oregon Pacific RR (1994-2008)   Milwaukie, OR - Samtrak passenger trains
  POTB (Purchased Sept. 2008)   Work Train Service



From announcements on several groups, Dick Samuels' OPR 4501 has been sold to the POTB for work train service. The attraction for the POTB is that the locomotive can be loaded on a lowboy and moved to wherever it is needed. Initial word was that the 4501 was temporarily stored in Timber, OR.


Previous unit history compiled from several sources, including: Brian McCamish's OPR Page , John's Alaska Rails, RRPictureArchives, and Western Shortline Rosters.


For corrections, questions or to contribute photos, please e-mail me at: Thanks!

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