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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 8/14/2016

SEPTA Lansdale Station Lansdale PA July 2016
The sidelining of the Silverliner V's has brought interesting sights to the area. The return of "juice jacks" to Lansdale is one of them and the quick turns they make provide photographers with a rare sight: the two pan shot. SEPTA normally runs with the leading pan up, and just for a moment, you can see this as they change ends. Of course, the appearance of SEPTA's only ALP-44 SPAX 2308 (the only engine of its kind still in service) is a bonus. July 8 2016
SEPTA's AEM-7's, also the last of their kind still operating, are the usual power for the push-pull sets, but even they can throw you a curveball, like the mismatched numberboards on SPAX 2304. July 14 2016
While the bomber sets are usually arriving late to Lansdale, they do on occasion arrive with enough time to do some general housekeeping, like a quick windshield cleaning. July 13 2016
Unfortunately, the need to have every piece of equipment out on the road, combined with the idle hands of vandals, have resulted in some unwanted added color. Normally this would be cleaned up before the cars were put into service, but the practicalities of the current situation preclude that. At least five Silverliner IV's have been seen tagged and there are reports that the Silverliner V's parked at various yards across the system have been sitting ducks as well. The SL IV's operated a few days in this state before the grafitti was removed. July 12 2016
Oh, and talking about stupid .... July 12 2016
While some things change, it is comforting to know that some things stay the same, like the annual onslaught of weeds that invariably pop up along the right of way during the summer. If you look at pictures of what many regard as the golden age of rail, the view around the property is usually well manicured and immaculately clean. These days, unless it interferes with operations drastically, many times nature is left to its own. Hopefully the vegetation won't grow too high or the visitors to Lansdale's Founder's Day celebration on August 27 2016 might not be able to see the new parking garage. July 13 2016

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