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Short Lines Help Keep Jobs in Oregon

A Nyssa feed lot with 45 employees needs its short line to obtain grain from the Midwest.

"We buy as much grain locally as we can but we cannot get enough here to supply the 40 to 50 dairies that we serve. Without rail service, supplying those dairies is very difficult".

Marcia Smith -- Beef Northwest 

The 170 employees at an egg farm in Canby rely on a short line as a link to Midwestern and Canadian grain producers.

"Without the railroads, the commercial egg business would not be in the Northwest. Losing rail could raise the cost of a dozen eggs by a few cents." 

Gordon Satrum -- Willamette Egg Farms

A sawmill in Odell with 120 employees grew with the help of a short line.

"Without having our short line rail service it would have been much harder for us to expand production." 

John Spaulding -- Hanel Lumber

  • A White City laminated veneer lumber mill that employs 85 people receives raw materials by rail from Canada.
  • A steel mill in McMinnville that employs 550 people receives scrap steel by rail and distributes finished product by rail.
  • Short line service provides a cost effective way for a Prineville sawmill with 120 employees to ship wood chips to Oregon paper mills.
  • A short line railroad allows a Lebanon grass seed producer to save 30 to 50 percent in shipping costs over truck transportation. That, no doubt, protects the company's 80 jobs.
  • A short line links Union Pacific to a major customer in the state, a paper mill in Toledo that employs 520 people.
  • Without the Lake County Railroad, Cornerstone Industrial Minerals Corporation would never have located in Lakeview in 1999. The company's 16 jobs are very important to this small town that has lost many timber jobs in the last 20 years.

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