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Albany & Eastern Railroad
Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad
City of Prineville Railway
Hampton Railway
Idaho Northern & Pacific Railroad
Klamath Northern Railroad
Longview, Portland & Northern RR
Lake County Railroad
Mount Hood Railroad
Oregon Pacific Railroad
Palouse River & Coulee City Railroad
Peninsula Terminal Railroad
Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad
Portland & Western Railroad
Portland Terminal Railroad
Sumpter Valley Railway
Wallowa Union Railroad
White City Terminal & Utility Railway
Willamette Valley Railroad
Wyoming & Colorado Railroad
Across Oregon, in small towns and cities, short line freight railroads are the link between business and the state's major rail lines.

The Oregon Short Line Railroad Association, also known by the initials OSLRA, represents these short line railroads and helps present them to Oregonians and to the U.S. at large.

We invite you to come into our web site and learn their stories. What you learn about them will help you better understand them and the indispensable role they play in the success of Oregon's economy and its quality of life. Just click on the graphic to see more.

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