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Toronto and York Radial Railway
Metropolitan Division

1877 Metropolitan Street Railway Company incorporated.

1885 horse-car line up Yonge Street to Eglinton Avenue.

1889 Electrified.

1890 reached York Mills.

February 1, 1897 extended to Richmond Hill replacing John Thompson's stage coach line
which took more than three hours compared to just 45 minutes by radial car!

April 4, 1899 extended to Newmarket.

April 1, 1904 Became Metropolitan Division of Toronto and York Radial Railway under control of Mackenzie
who also owned Toronto Railway Company which operated all streetcars in Toronto.

June 1, 1907 High speed private right-of-way opened between Newmarket and Jackson's Point on Lake Simcoe.

June 1,1909 extended for the final time, 2 miles to Suttton.

Line was standard gauge from Birch Avenue in North Toronto northward.

November 2,1922 .TTC takes over line from North Toronto terminal to City Limits at Deloraine Avenue.
HEPC Toronto &York Division beyond.

January 12,1927 TTC takes over from Hydro renaming it "Lake Simcoe Line" and regauges line to their odd-ball gauge
March 16,1930 Abandoned. Radial cars replaced by buses between Toronto and Richmond Hill.

June 17,1930 Radial operation resumed by TTC under contract with the Town of Richmond Hill and the Townships of
North York, Markham and Vaughan which had purchased 10.3 miles of the line from Glen Echo terminal near
Toronto City Limits to the north end of Richmond Hill operating as North Yonge Railways.

October 10,1948 Radial cars replaced by buses and line abandoned, this time for good. Or, bad!


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