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North Yonge Railways

The North Yonge Railways was created out of the recently abandoned (May 16, 1930) former Toronto and York Radial Railway Metropolitan Division operating from the Toronto city limits at Yonge Street and Glen Echo Terminal north 10 miles to Richmond Hill on behalf of the Village of Richmond Hill and the townships of North York, Vaughan and Markham. Service began on Thursday, July 17, 1930. It lasted for 18 years ending October 10, 1948 replaced by buses that had initially supplemented service as far as Finch Avenue from November 11, 1946. This was supposed to be for a six month period and intended to conserve supposedly scarce electricity for the Township of North York. When the temporary period ended few cared and ratepayers voted 4:1 to keep the buses.

TTC 415 awaits its next run, parked on one of the two tracks which formed the North Yonge side of the Glen Echo terminal. The North York Township Market in the background is housed in what had been the Toronto & York Radial Railway car house opened in 1922 when the southern terminus of the "Radial" was cut back to the city limits at the same time as regular street car service on Yonge Street within the city was extended north to the same spot. The entire site is now occupied by a Loblaws supermarket and a two-level parking garage. October 3, 1948 just days away from the end. Julian Bernard

Toronto Transportation Commission 411 is southbound on the North Yonge line nearing the crest of Hogg's Hollow hill; in a few moments it will swing east across Yonge Street into the Glen Echo terminal located at what was then the boundary between North York and Toronto. Except for street running through Richmond Hill, the entire route was on a private right-of-way, most of it on the side of the road. Note the simple railway crossing sign at the left. October 10, 1948. Julian Bernard

TTC 412 northbound at Stop 16 (painted on pole, a common practice) in Thornhill.
Likely the man just got off the front of the one-man car and it is just pulling away.
Fare Zone 3 sign above. 5 cents per zone. 25 cents one-way 45 cents roundtrip.
Note the automobile traffic or, lack thereof. This is not a Sunday, it is a Wednesday!
Same car returning is shown in the next photograph. October 6, 1948 Julian Bernard

In this bucolic scene TTC 412, with its headlight lens swinging in the breeze, is southbound for Toronto immediately north of Centre Street in Thornhill. Motor car traffic does not seem to be a problem on this Wednesday afternoon. Down in the valley behind 412 two golf courses were, and still are, located on either side of Yonge Street. Apart from the widening of the road to four clogged lanes, this scene is not all that different today. Closure of the North Yonge line came only four days after the photo was taken on October 6, 1948 Julian Bernard

Waiting Room in Richmond Hill, end of the line. A dead end spur is at side of building. Radial cars would sit in the street with south end of car right at the spot where the business coupe is at Stop 25. Signs above: No Parking Here to Corner and Grey Coach Lines stop. Advertising on side of E.J.Roberts store are for Coke and Sweet Caps cigarettes. Note telephone booth. Radial cars had stopped running the previous year. September 12, 1949. Julian Bernard

413 at Eglinton Car House. July 1939 James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

Scraper car 2120 (note blades front and rear of car) ex Toronto Civic 1 Built McGuire-Cummings 1912.
This car was known to be used on the North Yonge radial line.
Eglinton Car House June 1939 James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

Behind is TP-2 (track plow) converted 1936 from Express Motor 2 ex Compressor car 2 nee TRC 2 built 1921.
This car would go on to be converted in 1954 to RT-1 (Rapid Transit 1) a rail maintenance car for the Yonge Subway.


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