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Nova Scotia railways

Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia

Cumberland Railway and Coal Corporation
Parent: Dominion Steel and Coal Corp.

CRC 60 ex Devco/S&L 60 (nee PGE 553) GE 30038 3/1949 Glace Bay, NS September 8, 1967 Bill Linley


Formerly, (prior 1962) Sydney & Louisburg

S&L 205 acq. 10/1960 (ex M&StL 205) RS-1 Alco 73334 4/1945 Sydney, NS 7/12/1956

Subsequent owner: Sydney Mines

Windsor and Hantsport

August 29,1994-November 15, 2011

Dominion Atlantic Ry. was abandoned by Canadian Pacific Ry. with the exception of 56 miles from Windsor Junction
(north of Bedford) to New Minas with a spur at Windsor several miles long to two gypsum quarries owned by
Fundy Gypsum at Wentworth Creek and Mantua. These quarries were shutdown by parent United States Gypsum.

The only suitable branchline units CPR would sell were RS-23's.
Eight units initially and another six units later.
All were scrapped 2006-7.

WHRC 8046 acq. 8/1994 (ex CP 8046) RS-23 MLW 83288 3/1960. Windsor, NS 1/29/2001

Note: This unit is believed to be the only unit repainted and may have been done in an effort to sell these units.

WHRC 8034 acq. 8/1995 (ex CP 8034) train of hopper cars. 8/08/2001 Hantsport, NS



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