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Winnipeg Hydro

City of Winnipeg Hydro Department built a railway in 1907 from the CPR at Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba 25 miles to Pointe du Bois to a hydro-electric power dam site on the Winnipeg River used for its construction and later, maintenance. It was extended 8 miles to Slave Falls in 1928 for another dam site. This remote railway toiled in obscurity for decades known to few.

An all-weather road was built in 1963 between Lac du Bonnet and Pointe du Bois which resulted in the original line being abandoned thus isolating the 8 mile line to Slave Falls.

This remote railway became famous in 1959 when it was discovered it operated a fourth 4-4-0 in Canada besides the more famous CPR 29, 136 and 144 in New Brunswick. In fact, City of Winnipeg Hydro number 3 was itself originally CPR 22
built in 1882. It was acquired November, 1918 by then rebuilt and renumbered 86.

Built 4/1882 by Dubs & Co. Glasgow, Scotland. Rebuilt CPR 7/1909

City of Winnipeg Hydro 3 at the Greater Winnipeg Water District railway after recently being relocated there from its isolated line at Pointe du Bois. Both are non-common carrier railways owned by the city of Winnipeg. c.1960's Vlad Kedrovsky.

Number 3 would go on to fame hauling tourists on the Prairie Dog Central where it continues to operate.

Winnipeg Hydro 4 rare model 30-ton gas-electric two 125 HP Continental engines.
Davenport Locomotive Works 2112 October 1927. Re-engined diesel.

All photos from Bill Grandin's collection are those of Mark A. Perry.






B1 railbus ex NP acq. January 1929. Model AC with McGuire-Cummings body baggage-coach seats 29.
Mack #60008 April 1922 Built with Mack 4 cyl. 64 hp gas engine. Re-engined with International Harvester.


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