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Royal train 1901

Royal train 1919

Royal train 1927

1939 Royal Tour CPR

1939 Royal Tour CNR

Royal train 1951 CPR

Royal train 1951 CNR

Royal train 1977 CPR (NM&ST)


CNR Galt station suitably decorated for the Royal Visit to Canada by the Queen in 1959. W.McIntyre
Check out that Buick!

Donald R. Mc.Queen

CPR 403 all decorated up 1890 Royal train. Walter Pfefferle Collection

GTR Erecting shops with 209 Trevithick with namesake F.H.Trevithick standing by front driver.
Outshopped in 1859 this locomotive hauled the Royal train of the Prince of Wales in 1860.
Trevithick was the son of Richard Trevithick of British steam locomotive fame.
The Prince later became King Edward VII.

First sleeping car built in Canada. Brantford Car Works 1860.
For the use of the Prince of Wales during his visit.



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