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Royal Tour 1901

732 and 737 doubleheading the Royal Train westbound at Field. September 1901
Archives of the Canadian Rockies Vaux collection

S.E. 3 2-8-0 732 Baldwin 16459 737 Baldwin 16464 3/1899
Became L5a 3180 and 3185 scrapped 12/1929 and 1/1937.

CPR 683 compound 2-8-0 Richmond Locomotive Works. 2710 7/1898
Note: Rebult 9/1912 as V1b class simple 0-8-0 6834

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York arrive in Toronto aboard a specially appointed train prepared by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The nine-car royal train included two private cars built for the occasion, the "Cornwall" for daytime use and the "York" for overnight use, which included among other amenities a padded rubber bath tub. The royal couple found the train so agreeable, they preferred spending nights on board rather than at the hotels and mansions in the cities they were visiting. The train arrived in Toronto on CP's North Toronto line at a temporary station built at the head of St. George Street and the royal party proceeded from there to City Hall and Government House at King and Simcoe Streets. Upon the death of King Edward VII in 1910, the Duke and Duchess became King George V and Queen Mary, the grandparents of the present monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The two dukedoms are currently divided among Prince Charles (Cornwall) and his brother, Prince Andrew (York). Prince Frederick, Duke of York (1784–1827) was a patron of John Graves Simcoe, who named what became the city of Toronto after him. The name lives on in the street, university, hotel and region north of Toronto.

Toronto October 10, 1901
Derek Boles collection


Huge crowd attends to see Duke and Duchess at Carleton Place September 29, 1901



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