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Lambton Road Engines

Also, London Division engines at Lambton.

Lambton road engines can also be seen in the various feature articles for the
Bruce and Trenton Divisions as well as assist engines working the London Division.

D4g 439 assigned to Camp Borden an outpost terminal of Lambton. Dead in the bone yard. 1958 R.L.Kennedy

807 and 1018 on the shop track 1:00 P.M. March 23, 1959. Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy Collection
D10e 807 MLW 45601 10/1908 and D10h 1018 (ex DAR 1018) MLW 50992 6/1912

D10g 891 CPR 1/1911 Bunkhouse hidden behind tender next to water tank. 1958 R.L.Kennedy
London engine equipped with combination pilots for Stone Train (Lambton-Guelph Jct.) assignment.

891 equipped with combination pilot on rear of tender as well as front pilot. 1958 R.L.Kennedy
6301 and another U3 class 0-6-0 stored out-of-service in bone yard.

892 not long out of West Toronto backshop, previously a London engine working Woodstock branches.
July 1957 Bud Laws Collection

902 West Toronto 1935 Dick George

D10h 999 (ex DAR 999) MLW 50973 5/1912 sitting outside the roundhouse near a small overhead crane just out of view.
This engine worked single shift assignments such as the Obico and Canpa Turn. Circa 1958 Bruce Chapman Collection
It has been preserved at the Canadian Railway Museum/Exporail (Delson)

D10h 1004 (MLW 50978 5/1912) Note the ash hoist in right background. June 27, 1959 Bob Krane

D10h 1017 MLW 50991 6/1912 Lambton shop track c.1935 Bud Laws Collection

D10h 1038 MLW 52055 12/1912 Lambton shop track c. 1949 Bud Laws Collection

1057 (before it became famous!) leaving Lambton on 82 to Havelock. Tuesday, November 10, 1959
The previous day 1087 (see below) worked the Havelock. It likely required some maintenance
taking longer between trips than normal such as a boiler washout etc.
Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy Collection

D10h 1058 MLW 52075 1/1913 Lambton c.1938 Bud Laws Collection

1058 Now equipped with modern combination pilot and cut down style tender.
Lambton shop track c.1955. Bud Laws Collection

Extra 1087 West has just arrived West Toronto from Havelock on Monday, November 9, 1959.
Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy Collection

D10h 1088 (1087-1111 25 engines and last D10's) CLC 1124 9/1913 Toronto 1953 Walter Pfefferle Collection

G5c 1252 London engine working 73 Lambton to St.Thomas and return.
This assignment used 437267 the only bay window van in Ontario. 1958 R.L.Kennedy



Cockney Pool NEW

By the 1950's only 2200's were assigned to Lambton as assist engines for London trains and were manned by engineers working the "Cockney Pool" so named for the many immigrant English engineers after World War II working this junior pool. They shared assisting to Bolton with some D-10's. East assists (Lambton/Leaside to Agincourt) were mostly "mudhens" 3600/3700's which had been banned from Orrs Lake pushes due to their poor performance on the extreme length of run, 55 miles from Lambton to Orrs Lake, (61 miles from Union). Longest assisting grade in Canada. Note: All of these classes of engines were hand-fired. The N2 class 2-8-0's (36-3700's) were underboilered after rebuild. In other words, the two "engines" (cylinders etc.) could consume steam faster than the boiler could produce it.

Firemen were called off the fireman's B spareboard (B= B rule card) Fireman with A card worked
a separate pool and could be called as an engineer if no engineers available on their spareboard.

No conductor was required (BTC) for light engine account less than 25 miles on single track.
Toronto Union to Guelph Junction is double track (39 miles).



2203 CPR 1483 9/1906 class G1c rebuilt 6/1927 as G1r with 22 1/2" x 28" cyl. and a new boiler of 200 lbs. pressure.
May 11, 1959 James A. Brown

Note: The table "boy" was a labourer although unlike a call boy this was not an entry level position.
These engines in their final form with vestibule cab and larger tender had a very appealing appearance.
The Elesco feedwater heater atop the smokebox set off the engine along with the Pyle National headlight.

2203 is coaled up and ready to assist another train on this Saturday, August 30, 1958
Clayton Morgan/Doug Hately Collection.
Digital restoration Walter Pfefferle.

G1a 2212 still with open cab and small tender.Toronto June 4, 1939 Bud Laws Collection

G1s (CPR 12/1907) 2214 off an Orrs Lake push on the inbound shop track over ashpit. Note markers.
September 26, 1959 Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy Collection

G1s 2220 (MLW 49481 2/1911) with old OCS box car in background. 1958 R.L.Kennedy

2228 on an outbound shop track taking water having been "signed up" for another Assist.

2228 off an Orrs Lake assist. Note the climbing pegs on the pole, once common on streets everywhere.
July 16, 1959 Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy Collection

G1t 2228 (CPR 8/1911) a fine looking engine and very capable. They were well-liked by enginemen.
1959 L.B.Chapman Collection

2231 Built CPR 6/1914 G1g r/b as G1v 1/1923 with 22 1/2" x 28" cyl. retaining old boiler 200 lbs. t.e. 32%
April 6, 1939 James A. Brown Collection

Note: This engine was used on a Royal train in 1919 carrying Edward Prince of Wales on a tour of Canada and the United States. His Royal Highness would later become King Edward VIII in January of 1936 only to abdicate in December living out the rest of his life as the Duke of Windsor. Edward ran 2231 from Flavelle (Mile 20.9) through Brighton (Mile 9.9) to Trenton with engineer Harry Flood guiding him and accompanied by Bernard "Monty" Montgomery who would go on to fame in World War Two defeating Rommel in North Africa, a decisive battle that led to the fall of Germany. When approaching Brighton Flood told Edward to blow the whistle for Brighton. He called across the cab "Hi Monty, Brighton, dear old Brighton-by-the-Sea". "Blow the whistle" yelled the engineer as they raced towards tiny Brighton nothing like the famed resort in England. Upon arrival in Trenton Edward climbed down from the cab and handed the fireman back his gloves whereupon the shop labourer sent to clean the fire offered him $5 (about a day's pay back then) for the gloves which he turned down. This story was related to me many years ago by my grandfather J.H. "Johnny" Jackson who was a CPR fireman at the time. R.L.Kennedy

Here is 2231 years later eastbound at Peterboro with the Havelock Way Freight. May 4, 1956

G1v 2234 on the shop track at Lambton. Circa 1939-40's Bud Laws Collection


Assist engine 2238 and 5158 on an outbound shop track for a west train to London.

Not yet coaled up. Hostler may be on P1 road engine taking water.
He will then move engines up to coal chute for coal and sand.
After which he will return engines to near here for London crew.

Friday, August 31, 1951. J.R.Quinn


2306 and 2320 (below) were both asigned to Lambton in the 1950's and are believed to be the only G3 class engines that did not receive the modification of a sidepanel with engine number. Guess they spent the budget before these two got done! Compare this to other engines farther down.1/03/1956 Bruce Chapman Collection


G3d 2332 (MLW #66770 8/1926) on the shop track. Note the 6-wheeled trucks on 12,000 gallon tender.
Painted Tuscan Red. 5/8/1957 Bruce Chapman collection

G3d 2333 painted Tuscan red with 6 wheel trucks large 12,000 gallon tender. 1958 R.L.Kennedy

G3d 2334 (MLW #66772 9/1926) with smaller tender. Painted black.
10/16/1957 Bill Caruthers/Bruce Chapman Collection.

This engine and 2333 (Tuscan red, large tender) had been transferred dead from Winnipeg (assigned to Moose Jaw)
in December of 1956 and put into service January 1957. Cab interior of Western Lines engines was a brighter green than
Eastern Lines. Gray smokebox and red (not Tuscan) cab doors were other features often found on Western Lines engines.
Not evident but noticeable inside the cab was good insulation around the many holes where pipes etc. entered
something the crews would have appreciated in winter!

2414 was one of the very last engines at Lambton roundhouse in 1960.

G3h 2424 one of a small number of engines equipped with Worthington Feed Water Heater. C.1956
James V. Salmon Collection/Toronto Public Library

G2s 2559 (MLW 46052 5/1909) being lined up on an outbound shop track.
September 21, 1959 Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy Collection

G2e 2664 (MLW 52680 6/1913) backing onto its train, the Trenton Pick Up.
November 9, 1959 Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy Collection

2800 first of the H1 class 4-6-4's on outbound shop track likely being dispatched to Trenton. 9/04/1957 L B Chapman

Two views of H1a 2807 with inboard smoke deflectors. Lambton shop track.

2807 with inboard smoke deflectors. Harry R. Wales/Bud Laws Collection

Here is 2807 again, this time with the more traditional style of smoke deflectors.
Belleville April 1945 Bud Laws Collection

H1b 2810 another engine with trial inboard smoke deflectors. Walter Pfefferle Collection

2810 with standard style smoke deflectors. Lambton 7/1949 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

2815 One of 9 "standard" Hudsons assigned to Lambton at the time. April 26, 1958 Bud Laws Collection

2815 sitting quietly steaming on track 38 beneath the light duty overhead crane. 1958 Chuckman's photos

2818 in full passenger paint including silver builders plate and armoured cable to headlight and number board.
It was a practice after out shopping a John Street passenger engine at Angus to break in on freight for about a
thousand miles before being assigned to passenger. This may explain what is happening here in 1958. R.L.Kennedy

H1b 2819 (MLW #68538 12/1930) likely on an east train (possibly 902) sitting in (track 3 ?) Lambton yard waiting to go.
4/04/1958 Bruce Chapman Collection

This was the last standard Hudson. It would be late in the Great Depression before any more engines were built
and when they came (9/1937) they would be semi-streamlined and soon become the famous Royal Hudsons.

2825 newly transferred from Quebec District to Ontario District in July fresh out of Angus.
Downgraded from passenger service at the Glen to freight service at Lambton.
Note; 2858 would follow in the same manner.

2839 in off a push on one of its last runs. Bill Thomson
It was removed from service March 31st. 1960.

Selected to be part of the still-born Ontario Transportation Museum it later went to the
U.S of A and operated in excursion service including on the Southern.

Preserved at the Nethercut Collection, a private automobile museum in Sylmar, (Los Angeles) California.

H1d 2855 transferred 3/1957 from John Street to London downgraded from passenger service. Bud Laws Collection

N2b 3704 switching at Oshawa July 17, 1940 MLW 51551 10/1912 Bud Laws Collection

Mudhen 3714 on the shop track at Lambton 1946. Note old style slanted number boards. Bud Laws Collection

3722 headed west on shop track with 6603 (heavy 0-8-0) hidden behind. c.1952 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5102 a London engine near coal chutes.

London Division assigned 5111 showing signs of poor water condition.
c.1949 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

P1d 5114 appears to be heading Fourth Class train from London just east of the Humber River
approaching Scarlett Road to enter Lambton Yard. May 1947 Bud Laws Collection

5114 one of several P1's assigned to London which power only worked home from Lambton. Bud Laws Collection

A filthy 5116 won't likely get cleaned at Lambton since it was probably a London engine. Bud Laws Collection
This white stuff is boiler blowdown mud and the excessive amount indicates the fireman had
trouble on the last trip possibly due to engine being close to its monthly boiler washout.

5143 likely a London engine, appears to be coupled to another similar class engine and could be a doubleheader.
C. 1949 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5154 likely a London engine and coupled to another engine, possibly 5143 (above) although exposer does not match.
Likley Lambton shop track but no data. Bud Laws Collection.

5160 "lighter up" (labourer) is hosing ashes. Note rake on ground also scrap wood to start fire.
c. 1947 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

P1n 5214 on inbound shop track at ashpit. London Division engine. 1958 R.L.Kennedy

5305 note too E5 class Ten-Wheeler 2105 almost hidden. Circa 1935
Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5311 filthy from dirty water. circa 1949 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

P2b 5316 on the Lambton Yard shop track next to what appears to be the dismantled wooden coal tower.
A modern concrete one was located farther west (left) out of camera view. June 1946 Bud Laws Collection
Blueprint 1943

5316 left side. Looking pretty dirty. c.1952 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5319 c.1937 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

P2c 5328 (20 engines 5325-5344) taking water on the shop track. Bud Laws Collection

5356 unknown date or location. Very likely Lambton c.1940's Bud Laws Collection

P2d 5357 (15 engines 5345-5359) MLW 65453 4/1924 Toronto 3/23/1947 L.B.Chapman Collection

Stock cars were always marshalled on the headend for animal safety (reducing slack action)
as well as ease if setting off enroute also fast yard switching at destination terminal.




P2e 5368 (20 engines 5360-5379 CLC ) inbound over ash pit. August 22, 1957
Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5371 circa 1956 Bud Laws Collection

P2e 5375 CLC 1789 11/1926 Bud Laws Collection

5375 a regular engine on the Starlite to Aberdeen Yard in Hamilton. 1958 R.L.Kennedy

P2f 5394 with plenty of steam engines around it! 1958 R.L.Kennedy

(P2f 5380-5404 25 engines MLW 1928)

Hostler slowly puts 5394 away in the house entering 23 pit. 1958 Chuckman's Photos

5402 carrying green arriving Lambton Yard from London passing Lambton Park after crossing the Humber River. 7/1949
Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

5403 Circa 1951 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

5403 second last old style engine before semi-streamlining. Lambton 7/1949 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

What is unusual is the main rods are off for a dead engine move. Looks pretty clean therefore not long out of a
back shop. Normally an engine this size would move under its power hauling tonnage. Likewise if being
transferred to another location assignment.

P2g 5410 (5405-5416 12 engines built MLW 1940) with London engine 2827 which normally worked west to Windsor.
1958-59 Bud Laws Collection

P2h 5417 (5417-36 20 engines CLC) a filthy London Division engine in off its train. CLC #2022 4/1943
June 2, 1949 Bud Laws Collection



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