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Toronto Yard

Yard Engine Gallery 2

1000 (ex Soo 1207/Milw 702 EMD #20046) SW1200 became the first official "Daughter" slug unit.
It was one of three old Soo yard switchers so converted from former Milwaukee units.

1010 (ex 6700 SW8) first CP unit converted 6/94 (except for 1534) with St.L&H 1625 on the hump.
It had been modernized at Weston 6/84 including roller bearings and m.u. plus 8100 style front number boards
as part of the Ten Year Rebuld Program for yard units. After the first year and four units, the balance of
the ten SW8 800 HP and eleven SW900 900 HP GMD units were dropped from the program due to
their low horsepower, although many others did get roller bearings.

Beginning in 1994 the creation of Mother and Daughter sets of paired units and slugs were put together. Mothers were modified from trailing GP9's, while slugs were converted from failed yard switchers, mostly 6700's (SW8 and SW900) and 8100's (SW1200RS). Later, further modifications came about whereby remote control was added to them and some sets were assigned to the Pulldown and other yard and local jobs. Remote control eliminated the engineer on the hump and pulldown jobs and eventually, one man remote control operation came to the hump.

Is this unit confused about its identity? Daughter 1012 is clearly ex 6708! May 9, 1996 L.B.Chapman
It had been another of the four small GMD yard units in the Ten Year Rebuild Program.

6713 later renumbered 1015.

1023 (ex 1272/8116) SW1200RS GYO and hump in the background. 3/19/1996 L.B.Chapman

No longer a hump leader, GP7u 1502 Ogden 12/1980 (ex 8421 A508 5/1953) became in 1994 a "mother" for
"daughter" slug 1011 (ex SW8 6701) , in new bright red paint lettered for short-lived St.Lawrence & Hudson.

Remote control equipped 1537 GP9u Angus 3/82 (ex 8495 A-693 1/1955)


Once again changes to the hump power came about in 1999, this time Hump Control Cab units were converted for use with pairs of SD40-2 units. These are for the remote control receiver only and do not have cab operating controls or traction motors. Three pairs of used SD40-2 units 5476-5481 ex GATX, ex NS nee SOU, were assigned, they are high short hood units (that originally operated long hood forward!) with blanked cabs that had previously been leased from GATX for road service.

Hump Control Cab 1150 rebuilt 6/1999 from SW1200RS 1214 as a non-powered remote control car to work with SD40's 5480 and 5481 (ex GATX/NS 3249, 3251 high nose) as trail only units. This was followed by 1151 (ex 7400) another failed unit rebuilt 7/1999 to work with 5478 and 5479 (ex 3246, 3248). Following a long wait for a suitable failed yard unit to convert, SOO 4003 an unused fuel tender itself rebuilt from a GP9, MILW 946, was rebuilt 12/2000 into 1152, a strange looking thing indeed! The third set 5476 and 5477 (ex 3250 and 3244) was controlled by a dead GP while waiting for the third Hump Control Cab.

1150 (ex 1214/8102) a non-powered control car outfitted with usual flashing lights that signify an
un-manned cab. Note the relocated horns, moved off the cab roof by Collective Agreement with
the BLE, to reduce noise for the engineer! July 9, 2000 L.B. Chapman

Control Car 1151 (ex 1204/7400) with 5481 and SOO 789 July 9, 2000 L.B.Chapman
When 7400's were rebuilt into 1200's they received 8100-style numberboards.
Note the winter cab bay window still applied, in summer and without an engineer!

Strange looking, one-of-a-kind Control Car 1152 rebuilt December 2000 from a long-stored fuel tender,
Soo 4003 rebuilt from Milwaukee GP9 946. July 9, 2000 L.B.Chapman

Here we see 1519 GP9u Ogden 3/1981 (ex 8489 GMD A687 10/1954) being used as a
remote control car with 5481 and 5480 (also below).

5480 ex 3249 ex NS 3249 nee Sou 3249 and 5481 ex 3251 ex NS 3251 nee Sou 3251 acq. 5/1993
Note the blanked off cab windows. Both SD units have been repainted from drab NS black into
CP Rail System red with the controversial dual flag emblem which was quietly dropped after
critical public remarks concerning desecrating the flags.

Three sets of units were assigned with two in service at a time and one as spare. 5476 77 78 79 80 and 81.
The NS units were sold and are still around years later including: NREX 5476 5479

Further change took place in 2003 when the 5400's were re-assigned or retired and replaced by pairs of former
SOO Line SD40-2's 6618 to 6623.

6621 (ex Soo 6621) SD40-2 EMD #837082-4 8/1984 January 24, 2003 L. B. Chapman

Remote control car 1159 for beltpack operation with 6623_6622 hump set. June 10, 2010 Bill Sanderson

1159 ex 8167 converted 1/2004

1153-1160 (8) all converted from SW1200RS retired units.

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