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Canadian National Railways

E-10-a class Moguls

E-10-a 902-926 (ex GTR 1000-1024) Cyl. 21" x 26" Drv. 63" Press. 170 lbs. t.e. 26% CLC 1910

Out of the original 25 engines built in 1910 for GTR 7 were preserved and 3 returned to operation on tourist railroads in the US. The most "famous" of which is 89 in regular service at Strasburg RR. Others were 91 on Middletown and Hummelstown also in Pennsylvania and 92 on Wilmington & Western in Delaware. Others are displayed, 81 at Palmerston, 86 at London and 88 (as 1008) at Morrisburg in Ontario. 96 was displayed at Christian Bell Porcelain in Mount Forest, Ont. for some years until the business closed. It moved around and finally wound up recently at Age of Steam in Ohio. Note: 89 ran at Steamtown in Bellows Falls, Vermont operated by F. Nelson Blount. Owned by Green Mountain RR for a while following closure of Steamtown after Nelson's untimely death when he was flying back in his small private plane (Piper?) from Bellows Falls to Edaville to attend the funeral of Harry an engineer at Edaville RR who was killed in an automobile crash when he was thrown from a convertible. He was found in the wrecked plane in a tree still wearing his overalls from having run a steam engine (89?) that day. In his hurry he had forgotten to refuel his plane! Tragic!

Preserved display locomotives

81 on display in Palmerston, Ontario. Home territory for E-10 class Moguls. 7/31/2013 James A. Brown

86 (ex 908 nee GTR 1006) CLC 919 1910 London 4/10/2009 Gilbert Angermann

88 (ex 910 nee 1008) Displayed as GTR 1008 at Upper Canada Village with CNR Aultsville station.

Morrisburg, Ontario 9/04/2012. A miniature park train also operates here.

Subsequent owners

Green Mountain 89 hauled tourists over the ex Rutland branch out of Bellows Falls, Vermont.
This was the common carrier railroad operation of the famous F.Nelson Blount based at Steamtown USA.
Frank L. Forward

What is the engineer doing?

Following the un-timely death of Blount, Green Mountain's three steam locomotives were
sold off with 89 going to Strasburg in 1972 where it remains in tourist operation.

Nearing 100 years old this capable branchline Mogul is well maintained by the Strasburg Rail Road, a well-known
tourist operation in Pennsylvania. 89 was restored in 2003 in historic Canadian National paint scheme.
October 22, 2003 Joe Robbie

Here 89 hauls a "Mixed" train having just met regular passenger train hauled by 4-8-0 475. November 5, 2005

Light snow is falling as CNR 91 and 87 doublehead along Ferguson Avenue in Hamilton. Reg.Button

91 was originally saved in June 1959 by Charles Matthews a house mover in Langstaff, Ontario and a collector of Canadian transportation artifacts. His collection was purchased in 1965 by the Government of Ontario for the still-born Transportation Musuem. The locomotive collection was disbanded with 91 sold in August 1969 to Fred Steck of Reese, Michigan who restored it to operating condition for his private Reese Central. Fred sold it in December 1984 to the Middletown and Hummelstown in Pennsylvania where it operated for a brief time and where it remains stored after a recent (2004) restoration to very brief operation. (below)

Middletown and Hummelstown

Wilmington & Western, a tourist railroad in Delaware once operated ex CNR 92 acquired in July 1959.
It has been out of service for many years. Jim E. Hess



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