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Hamilton-Port Rowan Mixed

A railfan trip in 1955 by Anthony H. Perles
Collection of Bud Laws

Note: For more photos and history of this mixed train and others refer to Ian Wilson's excellent book
Steam Echoes of Hamilton by Canadian Branchline Miniatures. All of his many books are outstanding!

Hamilton-Caledonia-Hagersville-Jarvis-Simcoe-Port Rowan-Port Dover.

Map of southwestern Ontario CNR lines 1954.

Employee time table

E-10-a class Mogul 80 (ex 902 nee GTR 1000 CLC 913 1910)
sits with its short train (Mixed 233) in James Street station in Hamilton.
This Daily Except Sunday Mixed train would continue running until
Saturday, October 26, 1957 when Ten-Wheeler 1541 would make the last run.
One of seven 2-6-0's assigned to the old Great Western roundhouse nearby
for use on branchlines to the southwest ending at Lake Erie.

After street running on Ferguson Avenue a stiff grade up the Niagara Escarpment (a.k.a. Hamilton mountain) will challenge
the tiny Mogul with its small train. The Simcoe wayfreight and other freights each with a sister engine will get a big Mikado
to assist it up grade on the Hagersville Subdivision 12 miles to Glanford or 17 miles to Caledonia.

Switching freight at Caledonia the fireman relaxes to watch the photographer!

A stretch of main line running (just under 11 miles) over the Cayuga Sub. from Jarvis to Simcoe.

Back on the branch again. This time the unusual two part Simcoe Sub. from Simcoe Jct. to Port Rowan and back to
Simcoe Jct. thence on to Port Dover. Note the mixed runs under different train numbers as second and third class trains.

Extra 2615 with the way freight and 80 on the mixed meet at Simcoe "town" station.

On the turntable at Port Rowan. Two crewmen having a discussion!
Note the hand pole at right. If this table has no air motor is an "armstrong" table!
Air hose is not connected on front to air motor but may be at rear.

Here is branchline railroading at its confusiing best! Direction of train is actually towards the photographer!

Sitting with its short train at Port Dover. From here it is back to Hamilton.

A meet with Mixed 219 engine 5595 running between Fort Erie and Brantford on the Dunnville Subdivision.
Taken from the cab of 80 on Mixed 238 on the way back to Hamilton..

Some other trains on another day.

Mixed 218 engine 3547 eastbound on the Dunnville Sub. leaving Ridgeway, Ontario. 4/12/1958

Mixed 233 engine 1541 westward (southbound) crossing the NYC diamond Hagersville Saturday, August 10, 1957.
Ten-Wheeler 1541 would haul the last Granny two months later on Saturday, October 26, 1957.
Lever tower at left, NYC station at right. Former GTR station in background.
Gren Schrader CNR operator


Subsequent owners and preserved engines.


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