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British Columbia

Royal Hudson and other government sponsored and chartered steam operations.

Captain James Cook Bicentennial Train

Passenger equipment

Royal Hudson excursions North Vancouver to Squamish. 1974-1999

2860 southbound to North Van along Howe Sound, Tunnel Point, Brunswick Beach, BC July 31,1977.

2860 H1e MLW 69292 6/1940 New Westminster 5/09/2009

CNR 6060 doubleheading with BC (ex CP) 3716 for unknown event. North Van. 5/21/1988


3716 Northbound south of Shannon Falls on the way to Squamish. May 1986 Bud Laws Collection

Note the tender and tank car have no lettering account no longer with Provincial Museum train.

3716 replaced 2860 when the Royal Hudson was not available.

3716 arriving Squamish. May 1986 Bud Laws Collection

3716 sitting all forlorn in the weeds uncertain of what lay ahead. Fame! 1972 Philip Mason

3716 is getting ready to doublehead with its more famous companion Royal Hudson 2860. See below 2nd photograph.
Now fitted with larger tender ex CP 415815 off P1n class 5249. See below.

MLW 51628 10/1912 as 3916 rebuilt as 3716 Angus 12/1929.

CP 415815 work service water tender off 5249. Victoria September 1982 J.W.Booth


Primary purpose of the ex CP 3716 was as a backup for the ex CP 2860 on the BC government operated Royal Hudson excurison trains from North Vancouver to Squamish, BC. It also operated on the BC Provincial Museum train which travelled the province for a while. Modified with a feedwater heater bundle in front of the stack and modern ditch lghts it was also converted to oil-firing as a convenience for modern operations. The too-large looking tender also aided modern times.

Although the sale of BC Rail operations to CN Rail has resulted in the end of passenger tour trains and lease of the 2860 to the Town of Squamish (displayed at WCRA museum) where it has seldom been used, 3716 fared better. It went in 2003 to
a new tourist railway operation out of Summerland, BC as the Kettle Valley Steam Railway which began in 1995 and still continuing. It replaced a much smaller Shay geared steam locomotive from the BC Forest Museum, Duncan, VI.

3716 doubleheading with 2860 preparing to handle a special excursion from North Van to Squamish on 6/21/1998.
It was very rare to see both engines working together. Doug Tilley

CGTX 14087

Cylinder cocks open to clear condensation out of cylinders.
Not as "dangerous" as it looks since this is NOT hot steam!
Three photo sequence. 6/20/1990 Squamish

Note lack of any lettering on side of tender. Rear: 3716 Water 10000 gals. Oil 3600 gals.




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