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British Columbia Railway

British Columbia Provincial Museum

Captain James Cook Bicentennial Train

PGE A6 Northern Summit Business car. Vancouver Jerry LaBoda collection
ex NS Carolina/Mary Lee
nee Pullman Mount Moran 10 section lounge observation.

ADVENTURE staff sleeper/office. Acq. August 1977 Ex AFT 201 nee SP 212 Pullman 4/1942

DISCOVERY lounge acq. 1977 (ex AFT 204, L&C 3 nee RDG) BSC 1920
(American Freedom Train, Lancaster & Chester, Bethleham Steel Car)
North Vancouver 6/12/1986

BC Provincial Museum Shannon Falls (ex CP 6600 nee 2289) 5/10/1978 Jerry LaBoda Collection

Skeena River display car. Ex CP 2280 coach.

NANAIMO RIVER stores car. ex CP 4908 box express.

Royal Hudson consist

ex CP 4904

ENDEAVOUR Staff counter and diner.
Ex American Freedom Train 202, ex Permacel Express 2 ex Lancaster & Chester 2, nee RDG 592 combine.
Bethleham Steel Car 1920

Club Car ex AFT 203 ex PE 3, ex L&C 3 nee RDG XXX Bethleham Steel Car 1920

DARCY ex CP 2267 CC&F/Angus 1949.

LILLOOET ex CP 2241 CC&F/Angus 1949.

Coach SQUAMISH ex CP 2283 CC&F/Angus 1949

MOUNT GARIBALDI Ex CP 598 mountain observation car, nee 1422 coach. One of three rebuilt 1956 by CPR.






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