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Agence Metropolitaine de Transport

Canadian Pacific Railway operated Montreal suburban (commuter) service from the 1890's until September 30, 1982 following which a local government body was created, Montreal Urban Community Transit Commission (MUCTC).
It later became the Societe de transport de la Communaute urbaine de Montreal (STCUM) which lasted until
June 3, 1996 then becoming Agence Metropolitaine de Transport (AMT) continuing until June 1, 2017
at which time it became Réseau de Transport Métropolitain (RTM) also known as EXO.

Locomotive gallery

EXO 3040 wearing EXO logo at each end. Dorval 5/18/2020

AMT 1344 EXO 112 approaching Westminster level crossing and Montreal West station Mile 4.6 Westmount Sub.
Signal 47N displays "green on top" (old terminology) for deadhead equipment movement. March 18, 2020.

Telephoto lense uniquely shows multiple platform lights and signal masts actually stretched along platforms and beyond.

RBRX 18531 pushes a train westbound over the Westminster Avenue crossing at the end of the morning rush hour.
Montreal West. April 18, 2012

1342 (ex GO 545) in new paint scheme (US contract shop 2/2017) Montreal West July 3/2018

1330 at De La Concorde Station on the extended (April 2007) Metro Orange Line to here.
Laval 9/03/2010 Andrew Grahl

Cab control car 103 at rear of train. Montreal West 9/03/2010 Andrew Grahl/Joseph Testagrose Collection

1301 ex 4071 rebuilt 1985 (ex CP 1427 nee 4071) one of seven units acquired. GMD FP7A A372 9/1952
Dorval, QC 7/16/2001 Dave Eagen

Note: 1301 has a long and interesting history. Built as a 65 mph passenger unit, it was regeared to 89 mph, equipped by GMD with a steam generator and renumbered 1427 11/1954 for The Canadian and other fast passenger trains. Cuts to passenger train service saw it returned to 4071 in 2/1966. Later, it operated in Montreal suburban service. Sold 10/1982 to CTCUM/MUCTC 1301 for Montreal area commuter service. Later, AMT 1301 it received a special paint scheme for Le Riverain a seasonal Montreal tourist train operated by AMT. It was retired and sold 11/2002 to Trains Touristiques de Chaudiere-Appalaches as TTCA_1301 a new tourist train operation on Chemin de fer de Quebec Central,
the resurrected Quebec Central. It was discontinued at the end of season 2004 and put up for sale. Re-sold again it went to Durbin and Greenbrier Valley RR, later West Virginia Central for tourist train service repainted as Western Maryland 243.

STCUM 1306 acq.10/1982 (ex CP 4040 ex 1433 nee 4040) at the new Dorval station. 6/15/1989

FP7A GMD A244 10/1951 Sold 2002 to Coe Rail. Sold 2011 Tioga Central/Wellsville & Corning WCOR 1306.
More recently (2019) it was repainted as PRR 9880 and operated as The Stourbridge Line tourist train
out of Honesdale, PA on Delaware, Lackawaxen and Stourbridge shortline.

1311 (acq. 3/1990) ex CN 4307 GMD GP9 A1664 3/1959 Dorval 7/20/2001 Dave Eagen
One of four units (1310-1313) rebuilt GP9u CN/PSC 1990

STCUM 900 cab car leading westbound Dorval. September 6, 1987
Nine of these coaches were the first such cars in Canada. Built by Canadian Vickers in 1969

MUCTC 1304 departing Dorval in morning for Windsor Station. September 1983

CP 8570 RS-10s "borrowed" power for westbound at Dorval. 7/15/1983

Note both order boards at clear "no orders", also two-way radio antenna.

Last 244-powered CP unit. MLW 81496 4/1956. Retired 8/04/1984

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