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Belleville Street and Radial Railways

Belleville Traction Co. 8 and open car 5.

Belleville Street Railway was a 42`gauge horsecar line incorporated May 26, 1876 to serve Belleville and adjoining municipalities. Following a major fire November 26, 1891 operation shutdown. It was replaced by Belleville Traction Company a standard gauge line which began August 3, 1895. It was abandoned September 12, 1901.

MAP Belleville 1878

Belleville Radial Railway

David Pershick

Ontario incorporated in 1909 to build through Belleville to Shannonville etc. nothing ever came of the project except the proposal and a drawing that shows the proposed route. The drawing seems to indicate a tie in with the Belleville Street Railway, the G.T.R. line as part of the loop to travel east or west, probably would have gone down the Shannonville Gravel Road and complete the loop along an alignment that suspiciously is similar to the future C.N.O.R. As we know the street railway was removed by 1903, the CNOR was laid by 1910/1911 through the same area; the Belleville and Point Anne saw very little use after the Thurlow Railway was in place by 1908/1909. It was an ambitious scheme but came to an abrupt end when the other lines including the Campbellford, Lake Ontario and Western were built through its proposed route.The drawing also did not show the eastern end of the loop I am assuming it looped south at Shannonville.




Thurlow Railway and Canada Cement




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