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CPR Trip Tickets

Trip tickets of spare fireman Ray Bossi.

Donated by Ken Bossi

Old Time Trains Archives


Original size 5" x 8 1/2"

Instructions on how to complete tickets

Watching engine at Dominion Tar & Chemical siding in Ashbridges Bay area of Toronto.
An unusual tour of duty for a fireman. 6216 0-6-0 was obviously supplying steam
for an out of service plant boiler of a customer. August 9, 1949

Number 73 engine 2224 assigned freight in Pick Up service Lambton to St.Thomas.
115 track miles from OMTS (Outter Main Track Switch) at Obico to St.Thomas.

Return trip next day. Train 78.

Extra 2300 West to Hamilton (and return) ordered 3:00 A.M. August 13, 1949

Number 76 engine 2306 ordered 1:00 A.M. to Trenton. Engineer Ernie Warne

Symbol freight 901 engine 2808

Engine 6239 on 4-12 yard job West Toronto.

Assist engine 3753 for 2/902 (time table freight to Trenton) Lambton to Agincourt.
Light engine to Parkdale to Assist 910 Mae West (fast freight, LCL ex King Street shed to Trenton/Montreal)
Parkdale to Agincourt. This train may well have had a second push engine for the heavy grade up the Don to Leaside.

Freight to Hamilton. Engine 5308. Likely this was the Kinnear. Bruce Division pool crew. Engineer Bill Gillespie

Engine 5308 on a 3:00 A.M. freight to Hamilton.



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