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CPR North Toronto Subdivision

Grade Separation

Prior to the huge Viaduct project along the Toronto waterfront another major grade separation project took place years before in North Toronto from 1912 to 1917. It involved ten subways, or underpasses as they are now called, to eliminate level crossings of streets along the North Toronto Subdivision between West Toronto and North Toronto. Some crossings were closed and others remained as level crossings including Dufferin, Lansdowne and Symington which in later years were underpassed, while two level crossings still remain; Bartlett and Osler.


Yonge Street, Avenue Road, Davenport Road, Spadina Road, Howland Avenue, Bathurst Street, Christie Street, Shaw Street, Ossington Avenue and Dovercourt Road. All are 66 feet wide.

Yonge Street
Article 1915 inc. new station.

Avenue Road Mile 2.6 North Toronto Subdivision. May 13, 1913

Avenue Road at Dupont Street looking north. Macpherson Avenue (at right by man in street)
parallels North Toronto Sub. eastward to Yonge Street. TTC was ten years old by now.
Bay route Peter Witt car signed for Docks. Originated at Caledonia Loop running east along
St.Clair Ave. south on Avenue Rd. east on Bloor St. to Bay St. south to Queens Quay (Docks),
and west to York St. Loop. August 11, 1931. TTC collection/Alfred Pearson.

D-10 1064 with work train including van 5940 at Davenport Road, Mile 2.6
October 1917. Collection of Al Paterson

Spadina Road Mile 3.1 March 23, 1915

Howland Avenue Mile 3.3 March 23, 1915

Bathurst Street Mile 3.5 March 23, 1915

Christie Street Mile 3.85 March 23, 1915

Shaw Street Mile 4.1 March 23, 1915

Level crossings not originally included

Additional grade separations at later dates.

Dufferin, Lansdowne and Symington.

Note: Bartlett and Osler still (2022) level crossings.

Level crossings before subway construction

Yonge Street

Avenue Road

Dovercourt Road



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