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Old Time Trains

CPR North Toronto Subdivision

Level Crossings

Bartlett Avenue, Dufferin Street, Lansdowne Avenue, Symington Avenue, Osler Street.

Bartlett Avenue Mile 4.7 Looking north from Dupont Street February 26, 1955
James V. Salmon collection/Toronto Public Library

Dufferin Street Mile 4.8 October 1952
James V. Salmon collection/Toronto Public Library

There is so much to see in this interesting old street scene. Far right is Haugh's Big 88 overalls. J.A.Haugh Manufacturing Co. Beyond the level crossing is Ontario Lumber at 1345 Dufferin Street, the Home of Sunnibilt Prefab Products Cottages Homes Garages. Tractor trailer lumber truck. CP box car. Look at all those hydro poles with multiple crossarms. Approaching is what looks like a small British automobile. In this era there were many make of cars from England but not a lot from other countries. At left is a large billboard advertising Player's cigarettes. Note the style of lamps used to light the sign. On the pole right in front is the standard shaped metal yellow sign No Parking and typical small street light. Red Feather Campaign of United Way. Looks like crossing shanty in background between the two Pontiacs. Beyond that was Sunnibilt Village on Geary Avenue where there were a number of the prefab cottages, garages etc. for potential buyers to view. Their plant was in Agincourt.

Looking south on Lansdowne Avenue. Mile 5.15 Civic Ry. streetcars tracks deadend here. July 25, 1923 James V. Salmon

Note the old style crossing gates. Compare to view below seven years later of gates with stripes. All have pedestrian gates.

Looking south from a little farther to the north. Streetcar tracks deadend. Note crossover. James V. Salmon
A subway would later be built in 1931.

More scenes on Lansdowne Avenue. Showing CGE and Canada Foundry.

Symington Avenue. July 23, 1923 James V. Salmon

Note: A subway would eventually be built here.

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