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TTC track construction work in the Junction

The Toronto Transportation Commission undertook major track reconstruction in the Junction following its take over of the privately owned Toronto Suburban Railway. It involved changing from standard gauge (4 feet 8 1/2 inches) to TTC gauge (4 feet 10 7/8 inches). This was a reversal of the earlier change made by TSR from the original horsecar gauge of 4 feet 10 3/4 inches. As can easily be seen from these old photographs there was major disruption to traffic and businesses.

Heart of the Junction at Keele and Dundas Streets. Former West Toronto city hall on the right with police and fire beyond.
Streetcar signed for Dundas route and destined to City Hall in downtown sits on deadend track where it looks to be boarding passengers at the start of its run. It will turn right and proceed east along Dundas.


Keele Street looking north from Dundas to St.Clair

Keele Street looking south from St.Clair towards Dundas

Weston Road looking north to City Limit

Dundas Street looking west from Keele Street to Runnymede Road

Dundas Street west from Runnymede into York Township.
Note: This line was not upgraded. Instead, it was abandoned August 17, 1928 and replaced with buses.

Runnymede Road showing the Loop.

Runnymede Road tracks under subway north to St.Clair Avenue which were never used.

Dundas Street looking east from Runnymede Road to Keele Street
More views two years lat

More views two years later showing further work on Weston Route r of further work on Weston Route

Keele Street near St.Clair

Weston Road looking north to City Limit.

Weston Road looking south from City Limit.

Much later years views

Weston Road north of St.Clair


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