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Ontario Southland Railway

Rolling Stock


Tank cars used for weed spraying and as storage tanks.

Hopper cars used for ballast work.

Box cars used for storage.


Car Mover

Track machines

Track motor cars

Highway vehicles


404092 service car on Sutherland (SK) Auxiliary 80 foot baggage car CC&F 1952.
Acquired for intended company use but not implemented.

Henkels & McCoy

This equipment was used on a local contract in the area burying cables after which the cars were
stored on OSR in Tillsonburg for some time after which they were disposed of.
The box car went to an OSR customer in Tillsonburg while the
flat car itself was acquired by OSR.

HMIX 88159 rail plow team 89 foot flat car.

HMIX 99711 with incorrect initials on double door box car.

OS 88159 stripped down 89 foot flat car used for work service.

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