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Ontario Southland Railway

Highway and Hy-Rail Trucks

Starting with one truck years ago, OSR has acquired quite a fleet of trucks.

95-18 boom truck picking up scrap. Guelph Junction September 7, 2013 Tim Ball

Lineup of maintenance-of-way trucks. 97-14, 02-28, unknown and 87-2 without hy-rail gear.
Salford. September 7, 2014 Drew De Bruyn

Boom equipped flat bed Hy-rail. Great for handling ties! More recent addition. Walter Pfefferle .

Five ton Hy-Rail truck well equipped. Salford September 28, 2007 Drew De Bruyn

88-Z2 Ford flatbed with hoist. Not hy-rail equipped. Salford September 28, 2007 Drew De Bruyn

Light maintenance truck with hy-rail. September 22, 2007 Salford Drew De Bruyn

91-5 Ford pickup hy-rail equipped. Repainted in OSR scheme. Salford 07/07/07 Drew De Bruyn

93-11 (ex CPR 93-11) one of two GMC heavy trucks with hy-rail aparatus. 3/30/2005 Salford Drew De Bruyn

93-12 (ex CPR 93-12) Hy-rail at Salford 07/07/07 Drew De Bruyn

Maintenance truck with hoist, at Guelph Jct. 7/30/1998
©Gerald Harper Altamont Railroad Photos

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