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CPR Trenton Division

Gallery 2

7016 with early style stack and later style CP Rail paint scheme with number back on cab.
Modernized with twin sealed beam headlights. Reflective dots along frame for grade crossing visibility.
Now equipped with more modern roller bearing trucks off retired 6500's (MLW S-3).
Second unit of second order S-2's 7015-7019 4 units Alco 72827 9/1944.
Smiths Falls. July 29, 1976 Retired ten years later.

8211_8234_8249_8246 with 519 DTS (Dedicated Train Service) with GM auto parts boxes
returning from Ste. Therese, Que. westbound at the Falls in October 1994.

Train Master 8918 roars past a clear order board in Bowmanville, January 1966. Doug Hately

Here she comes! Train Master 8907 with C-424 4203. Two photos c.1965 Bowmanville. Doug Hately

4217 leads another C-424 and an RS-3 westbound. Smiths Falls August 19, 1970 Phil Mason

The hottest train on the eastern part of the railway at the time, CPR eastbound DTS (Dedicated Train Service) daily General Motors auto parts train #519 speeds through Elmsley, Ont. (Mile 9 of the Belleville subdivision) on August 7, 1994. The 19 specially-outfitted boxcars following GP9u 8245 and C-424 4224 are carrying automobile windshields and other parts to the GM plant in Ste. Therese, Que. #4224 was retired in 1995 and the GM plant in Ste. Therese is now closed. Bill Sanderson

Serious safety rule violation caught here. Riding the leading footboard is prohibited and this is stencilled by both footboards.
Working as west yard job. East yard was 7016. Smiths Falls September 1972

Extra 8456 West crossing the West Don River approaching Leaside. Saturday, April 9, 1955
Toronto Public Library/Salmon Collection

Two new units 8202 (re# 5002) the first GP35 (GMD A2035 5/1964) and 8208 lead RS-18 8734 and a covered wagon past Don station on what is likely 928 the "Big Pig" out of John Street piggyback destined for Lachine piggyback terminal in Montreal just two months old and two months after opening of Toronto (hump) Yard. Thursday, July 16, 1964 John Mellow.

A pair of two day old MLW C-424's 4207-4208 lead 8505 a passenger equipped GP9 westbound, likely on their first trip. Note location of headlights later lowered to front of the nose on account of glare affecting vision. Doug Hately

4217 another C424 and an RS-3 westbound.

#919 8921-1806 westbound Mud Lake trestle Mile 27.3 Belleville Sub.

Sunday, October 16, 1994, CPR eastbound Detroit-Montreal intermodal freight #508 is seen traversing the north shore of Christie Lake, Ont., near Mile 26 of the Belleville Subdivision. The relatively short 45-platform train is being easily handled by RS-18u's #1831, #1826 and #1817. All were retired in 1997 and 1998, and were not among those RS-18u's that were sold to other roads. Bill Sanderson

NOTE: It is decades after new RS-18's first hauled piggyback trains between Montreal and Toronto, yet here they are again back on the main line hauling intermodal traffic once again and not looking at all like typical smoky Alcos!

CP #509 westbound Montreal-Detroit intermodal freight has a fresh crew aboard and is preparing to depart from Smiths Falls, Ont. on Saturday, April 26, 1997. The all-MLW power is C-424 #4216, RS-18u's #1826 and #1803 and C-424 #4222. The shot was taken from the third floor of CP's terminal building. Bill Sanderson

Note: All would be retired the following year with three going to three different US shortlines.
1826 was sold for scrap due to a damaged engine block.

Leased power

GO 511-702-709-5xx near Montreal with Toronto pig train. During power shortages GO units were often rented for the weekend and operated in fast freight service between Windsor and Montreal. Dorion November 11, 1978 Ron Visockis

709-510 with a third unit handles CP piggyback train from Toronto to Montreal
Commuter trains await Monday morning call to duty. .
Dorion,QC Saturday, February 3, 1979. Ron Visockis

VIA trains did not normally operate on the Belleville Sub. but VIA units did during times of power shortage.
VIA 6458 6454 No. 901 westbound over the Mud Lake trestle.


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