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Yard Engine Gallery 3

1518 no longer with Multimark.

1686 Multi Mark symbol no longer used.

S-3 660 hp 6548 first unit with slanted illuminated number boards for better identification at night.
MLW #81505 3/1956 Toronto Yard diesel shop 1969 Phil Mason

6614 first of only ten S-11's. 660 hp MLW #82419 6/1959 Toronto Yard shop track. 1969 Phil Mason

6616 looking newly painted in Script lettering. Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

6618 still in block lettering. Equipped for road service with combination pilot, classification lamps and chime horn.
Note covering over radiator to reduce cold air intake in winter. Also, winter cab window installed.
Used on Cobourg Turn/Trenton PU etc. Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

6708 one of two GMD units assigned to switch GM Oshawa plant along with 6709.
Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

7090 S-2 MLW 75865 2/1949 Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

7011 second Alco S-2 forty one years old almost to the day! Alco 70240 5/23/1943.
Alco/MLW yard units were all maintained at John Street roundhouse until its closure in July 1986.
Once a regular on the Parkdale Lead and a personal favourite of mine.
Note the mismatched trucks. Type A on front and original type Blunt truck on rear.

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