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Canadian Pacific Railway

Leaside (formerly Leaside Junction)

Originally Leaside then Leaside Junction, this point was renamed in 1915 following
incorporation of the Town of Leaside (Population 43) April 23,1913.

Leaside Junction station opened September 1894, looking east. Collection of Don Mc. Cartney

Old Leaside station 1899, looking west, stairway to street at far end. Canadian Pacific Archives.

Circa 1945 George Horner/John Mellow Collection

Summer 1945 looking south. Major hydro-electric station in background.
The late Hugh (Bud) Martin, courtesy of John Martin.

Building the New Leaside Station

New Leaside station, from west end. (Hydro sub-station behind). Train order board at red for eastbounds.
November 1946. Canadian Pacific Archives.

Both train order boards are set at clear indicating no orders for trains in either direction. April 8,1955
That two-tone Ford looks to be a 1949-50-51. It also appears in a photo the next day at West Toronto.
Could it be Salmon's? The Ford in the background a 1952-53.
Toronto Public Library/James V. Salmon Collection

March 21, 1965 Collection of Al Paterson

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