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Leaside Village Station Restaurant

Canadian Pacific Hotels

50 Station Road, Leaside, ON

Open from 1975 to May 29, 1983.

It was the first of a planned series of such restaurants. Several old passenger cars were incorporated into it. It was not very successful for a number of reasons not the least of which was the food. Since it was owned by CP Hotels people no doubt associated that with the Royal York. Unfortunately, you didn't get Royal York quality food since it was prepared by Cara Foods who also supplied CP Air. The other factor was its somewhat out of the way location, which wasn't easy to find.
It did a good lunch business due to area workers, but it wasn't sufficient to keep it going. Some of the passenger cars wound up at the Ossawippi Express Dining Cars in Orillia.

The second one was to be West Toronto however, it was abruptly cancelled when it was discovered the area was dry.
In other words, no beer or liquor could be served by local by-law since 1903. The only other location was London
(which was not a CP Hotels undertaking), however, it had no rolling stock. It is still open as The Keg at 664 Richmond St.

Later, Tuscan Club located on the property (not using the station).

Village Station Restaurant with added superstructure makes it look more traditional railway style.
436875 caboose went to Todmorden Mills Historic Site where CPR Don Station was relocated.
The station was open for a while as a heritage display but limited hours turned to closed.
Its remote vacant location resulted in the van being vandalized and destoyed by arson.
July 1981 William Prest/Don Mc.Queen

GO 515 eastbound with special employee shuttle train from Lambton Yard to Toronto Yard
which was closed for CPR Centennial celebration. Sunday, July 5, 1981 Don Mc.Queen collection.
BC 37 (ex Cape Mudge) next to old platform. It and two other passenger cars went to
Ossawippi Express Dining Cars in Orillia. Several other passenger cars in background.




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