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Canadian Pacific Railway

John Street diesel engines

First diesels at John Street (maintained at West Toronto shop) were Alco S-2's 7059, 7060 and 7061.
They were the last diesels in this original black paint scheme. 7062 and 7063 also delivered at the same time
(11/1947) were immediately repainted into the new two-toned maroon and cream and assigned to Windsor.
L.B.Chapman Collection

7020 and 7027 both in early paint scheme. Note the two hand lamps hanging on the back of the cab;
one red and one white/clear. These were required to be kept lit for immediate flagging use.
Don Mc.Queen

Parkdale Yard diesel spur. (above)


Assigned c.1956 7020-7025, 7027, 7059-7061 (10)



7027 7029 7032


Scene of contrasts. 7047 an old ALCO yard diesel soon to be retired pulling vans soon no longer needed.
In the background CN Tower a modern structure that has become a major tourist attraction.
Kermit Geary, Jr. June 1980

MLW S-3 660 HP 6540-6544 (5)

6542 MLW 81198 8/1955 "High Level" 8/12/1967

Shown on the High Level as the Union Station plant, Coach Yard and John Street area was called simply becasue
it was built on a massive land fill with a number of subways as street underpasses were originally officially named.


Road power was assigned to St.Luc however, servicing and light repairs were carried out at John Street.


1420 1421 These 89 mph FP7 units worked The Canadian and during layover a short trip to Hamilton and return.

TH&B 401 and 403 easily fit the 120 foot turntable. There were three of these GP9 passenger units that operated in pairs
on Buffalo (New York City) trains based upon a mileage sharing agreement. Geared for 75 mph they operated long hood forward and were equipped with steam generators (note air reservoirs on roof account water tanks below the frame). They were also equipped with ATC (Automatic Train Control) for operation over the New York Central between Welland and Buffalo. These units were maintained by the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo and only serviced at John Street between runs. 1958. Derek Boles Collection.

THB 402 403

4083, 4084, 4094-4098 (7 units) FPA2 1600 hp 75 mph passenger units with S.G.

4083 on a rainy day sitting at west end of Union station. Sunday, August 3, 1969

FPA2 4083 MLW 77279 9/1953

4094 MLW #79170 10/1953 G.H.Landau/Ron Visockis Collection


4066 looking pretty sad for a passenger engine. St.Luc assigned. FP7A GMD A367 8/1952
8513 in CP Rail scheme is a long ways from home. This Western Lines unit is assigned to Alyth for maintenance.
GP9 GMD A711 12/1954 9/25/1971 G.H.Landau/Joseph Testagrose Collection


The decline of John Street is evident in this weed covered scene. 4071 a single unit for The Canadian.
This is the only convential train left and in fact the only other trains are the Havelock and Buffalo RDC's.
9/08/1976 Ed McKervan/Joseph Testagrose Collection

VIA Rail era

VIA 1418 on John Street shop track during period when VIA's Canadian still operated over the CPR out of Toronto.


Rail Diesel Cars

RDC's were referred to as Dayliners to the public but were always known as Budd Cars.

These self-propelled cars were always maintained in the roundhouse not the car shop.

RDC-1 9063 Budd 6612 2/1957
Bought for service to Peterboro/Havelock it was a John Street car all its life until closed.
5/30/1969 Doug Grotjahn/Joseph Testagrose Collection



Steam engines


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