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West Toronto Yard

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West Toronto

Recent Years

All photographs: R.L.Kennedy

Old Iron Highway facility, long vacant. Looking east to Revy store where old
West Toronto roundhouse and the Erecting Shop once stood.
At left is Canadian Tire store on former Ontario Stock Yards property.

Revy Home & Garden, looking northwestward. Erecting Shop once stood here.

Transfer table in its preserved location at south edge of property.

Turntable, same location. Both were preserved as part of the development approval between the
City of Toronto, the original developer Provigo, Inc. and Canadian Pacific.

Long-closed Maple Leaf Milling elevator and warehouse. St.Marys Cement storing flyash in elevator.

Covered hopper cars delivering flyash are on old Bush Track. Note the piping going over roof to elevators.
Communication towers are on west side of Keele Street near where the Keele Street Yard Office once stood and the RIP tracks. Galt Subdivision from Parkdale at left. Track from North Toronto Subdivision at right.

Looking east towards West Toronto Diamond. Galt Subdivision to Parkdale at right, tracks connecting to
North Toronto Subdivision and new connecting track a.k.a. wye track to Mac Tier Subdivision curves to left.
Roll up door was for tank cars going inside long-closed Toronto Macaroni. Old Canadian Tire store at right.

Galt Subdivision looking west at Keele Street. Public Storage rental building at left.

Keele Centre north building looking west along West Toronto Street where Car Shops once stood.
At right is Business Depot part of retail development where Ontario Stock Yards were located.

Keele Centre 500-530 Keele Street, entrance and south building, only one with rail service.
Formerly a Marathon Real Estate project, 330,000 square feet of buildings on a 10.6 acre site.
Contractor Ellis-Don began work Fall 1967, completed May 1968. $3.5M

Looking south down Keele Street towards Subway (underpass), Keele Centre at right.
Note communications towers also seen in photographs above.

Rona Home and Garden on the site of West Toronto Back Shops
May 24, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

West Toronto Yard looking west and to the left of Rona site pictured in previous photograph.
May 24, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

Wallace Avenue footbridge over CPR Galt Sub. and CN Weston Sub. tracks and the long abandoned Old Bruce Service right-of-way, once the Toronto, Grey & Bruce, at Dundas Street West and Glenlake Avenue north of Bloor Street West. This historically designated structure was built in 1907 to provide a way to reach streetcars here at the City Limits between Toronto and West Toronto since Bloor Street did not extend west
of Lansdowne Avenue.

Looking northward. Note original bridge construction had double stairs. Sunday, October 23,1932
Tiny Cities Service gas station remained for decades later.


West Toronto Depot

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