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Canadian Pacific Railway

Canada East Region

East Division

Hamilton Subdivision

CPR's Hamilton Subdivision originally consisted primarily of a Joint Section (GTR/CPR) connecting Toronto with Hamilton to provide through freight and passenger service between those two points as well as through connections beyond Welland into the United States where connections were made in Buffalo, New York to destinations all over including New York City.

This was accomplished through joint ownership of the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo with control being held by New York Central's Michigan Central. This situation prevailed for many decades beginning in 1897. It all changed with the creation of Penn Central February 1, 1968 which soon went bankrupt resulting in Con Rail being created April 1, 1976. CP later
acquired 100% ownership April 19,1977 with official takeover in May 1981. TH&B was finally absorbed May 8, 1987.

Further changes occured with the termination of the Joint Section between Toronto and Hamilton due to increased costs for CPR as well as higher volume of GO Transit commuter trains. Declining freight traffic also factored in. CPR freight trains were all rerouted between Toronto and Hamilton via the Galt and Goderich Subs. Note: At a later date GO took ownership of most of the CN Oakville Sub. (Bathurst St. Mile 1.1 to Burlington 31.94). CN retained running rights for local freight movements.

The Goderich Sub. between Guelph Junction and Desjardins was renamed as Hamilton Sub. as was the former TH&B to Welland and the New York Central onward to Fort Erie the latter acquired from the 50/50 CN/CP ownership of Conrail's former Michigan Central between Windsor and Fort Erie. Access to the USA is now via CN Stamford Sub. via Robbins,
Fort Erie (Victoria-Bridgeburg) and the CN-owned International Bridge (GTR 1873) to Black Rock, New York.

CPR Hamilton Subdivision


CN Stamford Sub.

CNR International Bridge
GTR 1873

Note: Robbins to Black Rock used by CP to/from CSX's former NYC Frontier Yard, Buffalo.

CP train 255 is on the move through Buffalo, New York led by 5012 passing by the long-abandoned and derelict massive former NYC Buffalo Central Terminal on CSX's Belt Line. CP 255 runs from interchange with Norfolk Southern in Buffalo, CP's yard in London, ON, crossing from the US to Canada over the CN-owned International Bridge in Black Rock.
August 30, 2020

CPR Bruce Division Hamilton Subdivision

More history of earlier years including crews, motive power etc. includes Buffalo.

Note: Be sure to read PASSENGER service history for details of shared equipment, crews etc.

See also TH&B Photograph Galleries for five different catagories.


2270_3042 and 3057 are pushing "up Waterford" on rear of 247 daily manifast from
CSX Frontier Yard via Guelph Junction and the Galt Sub. to Toronto Yard. 11/24/2019


THB 77_403_73 eastbound approaching the tunnel. Ray Street bridge.
November 12, 1978 Arnold Mooney

Work is well underway. 5673 eastbound before the tunnel. A.W.Mooney 4/11/1995

In 1995 considerable reconstruction occurred along the former TH&B (now CP) line from the High Level Bridge into Hunter Street GO (ex TH&B) station as the line was being upgraded for GO Transit. The station underwent a major facelift. The trackbed was lowered thru the half mile long Hunter Street tunnel as well as the Main St overpass in order to accommodate comfortable clearance the GO Bi-levels. The behind schedule and overbudget project took most all of 1995. Here is an image taken in the downtown just west of the tunnel entrance, with CP 5673, 5523 and CR 5625 (new SD60 out of GMD) slowly making it's way toward the US.

Single track segment. Looking west towards Locke Street South.
Two views. September 6/2020 A.W.Mooney

Mile 58.3 Begin/End double track. Switch at 58.4 (left in the distance) leads to/from Aberdeen Yard.

Hunter Street Tunnel. View looking east from Pearl Street South.
Double track resumes ahead nearing GO passenger station.
September 6/2020 A.W.Mooney

Note: Telephoto view makes length of tunnel appear short.

GO Hamilton Centre

Formerly TH&B Hunter Street Station
(Opened June 26/1933)

36 Hunter Street East.

Streamline Moderne version of Art Deco architecture.

Aerial view showing two trains at Platforms 1 and 2. James Street South underpass out of view to right.
John Street South at far left. Hunter Street East in foreground. Bright blue structure at top is new
intercity bus platforms for GO and Coach Canada Megabus. HSR city buses loop through here.

Platform level view.

Showing a portion of the 17 sheltered bus bays. New addition to railway station.

Note: Platform 11 for Greyhound Canada.

HSR 8806 at Platform 17. One of several Hamilton Street Railway local bus routes here.

Interior view part of hall area.

Ticket Office.

All part of a massive restoration and expansion of this historically significant station.
Completed in 1996 at a cost of $25.5 Million.


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