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CPR Algoma District

Schreiber Division

Coal Dock Jackfish

Aerial view Schreiber 7/02/2013
Pilot Grant Bailey

Aerial view White River. c.1980


Schreiber station and Division headquarters building. Looking west. January 1974 D'Arcy Furlonger

White River station used by VIA and CP office building.

VIA 9250 leads a 9100 RDC-2 still in full CP Rail paint scheme long after purchase by VIA. .
Passenger service still remains between Sudbury and White River all 130 miles of the
White River Sub. part of the original "Budd Car" route between Sudbury and Chapleau.
Normal CP crew manned this train (until July 29, 2014) even after VIA crews took over other
CN and CP including change eliminating conductor for a second engineman in locomotive cab.

Sudbury May 1981

GP38-2 3122 in the latest paint scheme as Canadian Pacific Railway returns to replace CP Rail.
Schreiber 8/23/2013 Wolf Kirchmeir

4721 M-636 MLW M6031-21 6/1970. Schreiber 8/1988

RS-18 # 8736 & FB-1 # 4410 race through Terrace Bay, Mileage 110.0 Heron
Bay Sub. on a Westbound freight in September 1972. D'Arcy Furlonger

Extra 5111 West leaving Schreiber (just inside west mile board) mid-1940's.
Mitzy Sakawe

View of various facilities in Nipigon. September 1969 Wolf Kirchmeir

M-286 a 1929 Packard inspection automobile photographed sometime during WWII. Jim Masuda Collection.
Motor 286 was later handed down to the Quebec Central.


All photos: D'Arcy Furlonger unless otherwise credited.
All photos taken in Schreiber unless otherwise captioned.
Note: Most thumbnails have more than one image.

Coal chutes

A Jubilee in Schreiber? Amazing! Yes, in fact there was once two of these light 4-4-4's on the rugged Algoma District.

The 2923 and another F1 worked into Schreiber in the late 1940's in conjunction with the construction of the Ontario Hydro generation station in Hydro Bay, about three miles West of Terrace Bay and the Long Lac Pulp and Paper Co. pulp mill. The two were actually Western Lines engines assigned to Winnipeg to bring the construction workers to and from Fort William daily (a two coach train) on account of the lack of accommodations in Schreiber. There were no hotels, only the YMCA used by railroaders. They clear-cut an area of about four miles by four miles, built a dam, and then flooded this entire area to provide power for the pulp mill which was coming on line in 1948. This is now known as Hayes Lake which runs parallel to the C.P.R. from about mileage 113.0 to about 115.0 The mill changed its name to Kimberly Clark Pulp and Paper in 1958.

Business Car 3 was assigned to the Schreiber Division. It replaced 23

BC-23 Circa 1940's

One thing Schreiber has lots of is snow! This 1950 view is still typical as far as the white stuff goes.

GM Diesels demonstrate on the Algoma District.

Dieselization of the Schreiber Division

The Canadian

Assignment list effective February 17, 1950

Assignment list effective April 29, 1951

Rolly Martin Country LINK
Schreiber Division maps, stories etc.


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