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(photo above left from HH Harwood collection)

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Do you have better, old B&O railroad photos within the area covered by the OldMainLine tour pages?

They may qualify for inclusion here and preservation by being online.

To have your photos considered for inclusion within this site:

  • please do NOT send your photos without my specific request
  • instead, first describe what you have to share
  • permission for use must come from the photo's copyright holder
  • photos should date before 1990 and be railroad related
  • recogizable locations, landmarks, or other specific photo location info is required
  • locations I can return to now to snap a modern equivalent are preferred
  • if your photo is used, you will be credited by name at the site as contributor unless you request otherwise
  • if you are unable to digitize your photos I can make that happen

Let me (Steve) know.

A big thank you goes out those who have contributed photos:

Art Campbell
Mike Cather
Kipp Clark
Tom Cochran
David DeMay
David Dudich
JP Frecker
Al Hafner
Marty Hager
Steve Hanlon
Carl Hansen
Jerry Harlowe
HH Harwood
Dave Hiteshew
JD Hiteshew
Terry Iman
Dale J.
Gene Leache
Paul McNally
David Malohn
Bill Manzke
Jackson McDaniel
Jersey Mike
Kirk Nabors
Patrick O'Donnell
Adam Paul
Richard Pearlman
Mark Plante
Aaron Rosansky
Steve Schuler
Todd Sestero
Donald Smith
John Teichmoeller
Lee Thurston
Paul Van Bloem
Dan Verbus
Rob Warner
Robert Weir
Frank Wrabel
Evan Yakas
and anonymous
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