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Maintenance of Way Equipment

Maintenance of Way Equipment
Other Maintenance of Way Equipment

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Railroads are not immune to entropy: everything goes to heck unless you prop it up. Interstate highway maintenance is paid for with tax dollars, whereas railroads must do their own maintenance, which is a never ending effort. People with specialized skills and machines with specialized abilities become necessities. Many maintenance of way (MoW) machines are complex, strange-looking beasts with steel wheels, built for function rather than form. Below is a sampling. Most of these photos have not appeared within the railroad tour pages where you can find other MoW photos.

= At B&O Museum =
CSX 9699, Apr 2001 BO B-29, Apr 2001 snowplow, 1999 gauger, 1999

= Amtrak =
AMTK 14626, Oct 2002 N26704, Apr 2003 Apr 2003 Apr 2003 Apr 2003 A47957, May 2010 A14253, Oct 2017 A14311, Oct 2017 Dec 2017 A94309, Dec 2017 A13043, Aug 2018 AMTK 512, Oct 2018 A29324, Apr 2022 A51642, Nov 2022

= Loram, Sperry, and Others =
LMIX 511, Feb 2011 Loram 516, Jul 2014 Loram RG 318, Jul 2014 Jan 2015 Dec 2016 caboose SBC-8, Oct 2017 SRS 770, Sep 2018 SRS 765, Apr 2021 SRS 529, Apr 2021 Asplundh, Jun 2023

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