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B&O Photo Tours - Map

B&O Photo Tours - Map - Click a route name to jump to its tour page, or back to main page Springfield Hospital Spur Harpers Ferry Granite Spur Old Main Line Trolley Line 9 Catonsville Short Line Claremont Branch PRR / Amtrak / NE Corr B+P Tunnel Ex-Western Maryland Baltimore Light Rail Northern Central Sparrows Point Branch Green Spring Branch Locust Point Branch Sparrows Point Branch Canton RR Philadelphia Branch South Baltimore Branch Seawall Branch B+SP/NCRY Camden Cutoff Fairgrounds Huntingdon Ave Viaduct Baltimore Belt Line Curtis Bay Branch Washington Branch Route 100 Industrial Park Parkway Center Spur Waterloo Branch Columbia Branch Washington Corridor Marley Neck Branch Patuxent Branch Annapolis and Elk Ridge Washington DC Washington DC Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis Annapolis Short Line / B&A Metropolitan Branch Georgetown Branch main page tour selection map
satellite/map background courtesy Google