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Key Bridge

Key Bridge
Remembering the Francis Scott Key Bridge near Baltimore

Click a photo to see a larger view. Even larger versions available, contact Steve.

Key Bridge opened in 1977. Height meant it was visible from miles away:
Feb 2015
from Fort Armistead
Oct 2022
from Catonsville, 10 mi
Jan 2021
from BWI Airport, 8 mi
Aug 2015
from Hawkins Point, 2 mi

Ride over:




four lanes

main span

girder shadows

ramp down

gulls watch

Patapsco River Seen from Key Bridge:

tug McAllister Sisters
Seagirt port

downtown Baltimore
Fort Carroll
ARC and Fort Carroll

After Dali collision, looking southeast March 2024:
Mar 2024
wide view, 2 miles away

closer to southwest pier

all 4 legs destroyed

max zoom
Jun 2001
same angle as above 2001

northeast pier

cranes at work

crane zoom

northeast end
Dali cargo

more cranes arriving

cleanup underway

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