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OCMR has 8 corners. Four of them are hex-shaped corners that fit in a 4 by 4 space. Four of them are made from two 2 by 4 modules that connect together to make an L-shaped 4 by 6 corner. Pictures of the 4 x 4 corners are shown here below: All corners maintain a minimum 36 inch radius on the mainlines, and permit a small easement at the start of the turn at each end.

This is the Orange Grove corner.  It reflects a major aspect of our heritage here in California's Orange County.

Orange Grove Corner

This is the Route 66 corner. Route 66 intertwines with the former Santa Fe Railways trackage, and is a major feature of the Southern California railroad scene.

More information on Route 66 can be found on the World Wide Web.
Click here for one of the Route 66 sites in the Mother Road web ring.< Route 66 Corner 

Engine Facility

The engine facility consists of a 2' by 4' module and the Engine Facility Corner.  This area handles engine service for a small number of diesel and steam locomotives, and provide an opportunity for hostling engines during our club shows.  It has an operating turntable and roundhouse.  The bottom photo also shows part of our DCC System. Engine Facility Corner  Engine Facility

This Module, being less specific, is often just called the "Fourth Corner".  It supplies continuity of the 18" track around the corner, and provides a transition from the OAT on the right to the 18" track on the left. When possible, this module helps extend our capabilities for branchline switching by interconnecting these tracks around a corner.

Fourth Corner Photo

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