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Museum Store Featured Items

The Museum Store would like to highlight a few unique items that may be of interest to you. Included are several books written by NORM members.

NORM Hat - Gold lettering on black with adjustable cloth band. While supplies last.

Price: $10.00

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NORM Adult Shirt - Grey Tee features Shaker Heights Rapid Transit Car 12 in action.
Specify Size L or XL - Price: $12.95

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NORM Youth Shirt - Tee features NORM's Plymouth Locomotive in Blue or Rasberry. Perfect for all your Critters.
Specify Youth Size and Color - S, M , L - Price: $9.95

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The Dayton & Western
Scott D. Trostel

The Dayton & Western was built just before the turn of the 20th century. It ran from Eaton Ohio to Richmond Indiana. It also connected to the Columbus-Indianapolis Route. In 1907 it was leased to the Ohio Electric Railway. It was a key element in the vast Ohio and Indiana empires.

94 pages, over 100 photographs.

Price: $24.95

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Ghost Rail III
Wayne A. Cole

Upper Ohio Valley-West Virginia, Ohio, PA. A first time history: The Route of a Million Souls, the Steubenville East Liverpool & Beaver Valley Traction; Youngstown and Ohio River Railroad; Newell Bridge and Railway, Steubenville Traction; the electric coal road of Little Beaver Creek; Youngstown and Southern; Salem Electric; Panhandle Electric: Rock Springs Park, Newell Park, and Stanton Amusement Parks.

310 pages.

Price: $50.00

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Ghost Rail VII
The Short Line
Wayne A. Cole

A compelling first time history of the Pittsburg and Butler Railway 33 mile of steel railway across rugged Western Pennsylvania hills 1900-1931, “rapid transit under the kite”.

208 pages.

Price: $48.00

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Rails Through West Park
Ralph A. Pfingsten and Blaine S. Hays

Interurbans, Streetcars, Trolleys and Trains played a vital role in the growth and development of Cleveland's West Park Neighborhood. Rails Through West Park documents the rail transit history of the area from the early days of trolley cars to today's modern transit line as well as the mainline railroads that still serve as a vital transportation link for the southwest side of Cleveland.

Price: $22.95

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Transit In The Triangle - Volume 1, 1900-1960
A Century Look at Pittsburgh Public Transit
Blaine S. Hays and James A. Toman

Bulletin 145 of the Central Electric Railfan's Assoociation, 224 pgs, 350 photos many in color. Not for the faint of heart - this is a masterpiece of transit history.

Item #1154 - $40.00

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Ralph Pfingsten
New Book unlocks the mysteries of this known, but yet unknown site

It’s a place shrouded in secrecy. It was created in a rush on the eve of World War II. It is ringed by barbed wire fences. It’s an unlikely nature preserve. It was suggested that it become a jet port. You say the name and everyone knows of it, yet little is known about it. Do you know the place?

Now available is a comprehensive book by historian Ralph Pfingsten that tells the wondrous history of the Ravenna Arsenal. It covers the history of the arsenal in detail from inception in 1940,

This 340+ page hardbound book is printed on heavy high gloss paper to best showcase the many rare and never before seen photographs. Just in time for holiday gift giving!

Click on the book cover to learn more.

Item #1028 - $40.00

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The Cleveland Railway Story - 1940 and 1941
Robert S Korach

Long before Bob Korach co-authored the The Lake Shore Electric Story in 2000 or even The NOT&L Story in 1966, Bob was just a sixteen year old lad with a camera. But oh what photos this sixteen year old took. Here is a look at the Cleveland Railway Company in its last years, before becoming the city owned Cleveland Transit System, through the lens of Bob’s first camera. This is a “day in the life” view of one of our nation’s largest streetcar systems.

This 32 page soft cover book includes 60 photos, as well as appendixes of Lines and Car Stations for 1940 and Equipment and Assignments for 1940-41.

Item #865 - $5.00 (Dealer pricing available.)

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The Penn-Ohio Rail System Story
Robert S Korach

Like most of the Midwest Interurban Empire, the Penn-Ohio rail system reached its peak around 1921. Interurban main lines ran between Warren and Youngstown via Niles, Youngstown and Sharon via Hubbard, and Youngstown and New Castle via Lowellville. Branch lines ran from Leavittsburg to Warren, Niles to Mineral Ridge, Hubbard to New Castle, and Wheatland to W. Middlesex. City lines were operated in Warren, Youngstown, Sharon, and New Castle. At its 1921 peak, it owned 231 operating passenger cars including four ten-bench, single-truck, open cars from the 19th century. It also owned 11 freight cars, some of which operated as far west as Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan in interchange service, and it owned some 36 work cars and even a steam engine.

This 64 page soft cover book tells the story, complete with maps, roster information and 50 photos.

Item #913 - $15.00 (Dealer pricing available.)

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brill.jpg (37412 bytes)
History of the J.G. Brill Company
By Debra Brill

A biography of a company that for years was on the cutting edge of development of a rapidly evolving and growing industry. The production of streetcars and railroad cars. From a small horsecar-building firm established in 1868, the J. G. Brill Company grew to be a world leader.
Hard cover, 272 pages, 289 b&w photos & line drawings, 8 1/2x11, append., index.

Item #625 - $40.00

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License Frame.jpg (37058 bytes)
License Plate Frame
Promote your hobby while driving around. The top states "The G. C. Kuhlman Car Company, Cleveland, Ohio". the bottom states: "My Other Car is a Trolley" Makes a GREAT Gift!

Item # 5180 - Now Only $1.00

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Cleveland's Dynamic Transit Heritage
By Blaine S. Hays

This softbound book, published by the museum in 1985, is a concise accounting of our transit system. It commemorates the first ten years of RTA. This item is not just for the traction fan. It would be appreciated by anyone interested in Cleveland history, and it makes a great gift! 8˝ x 11, 75 photos, 36 pages.

Item #5 - $4.95

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Horsetrails to Regional Rails and Cleveland's Transit Vehicles

Both by James A. Toman & Blaine S. Hays

Museum members wrote these two very comprehensive books. The books together contain 474 new photos not published before, hundreds of reproductions of tickets, transfers & other transit memorabilia. Twenty-two detailed maps chronicle the changing transit scene. This is a must have pair of books for the transit fan or local historian in the family.

Horsetrails to Regional Rails,  8˝ x 11, 332 photos, appendix, bibliography, 376 pages.
Item #29 - $49.00

Cleveland Transit Vehicles,
 8˝ x 11, 142 photos, 288 pages.
Item #30 - $47.00

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