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Miami Valley S Gaugers (MVSG)

Last update: 3/27/2019


Miami Valley S Gaugers Modular Layout

We have a modular layout which currently consists of 11 four-foot modules, 4 corner modules,  5 eight-foot modules, two of which make up a center yard, and a hinged four-foot bridge to allow easy entry and exit without the need to "duck under."  When fully assembled, it covers a 20 foot by 32 foot  area.  The layout is based on NASG modular standards,and has two parallel tracks of code 148 rail and one of code 172 rail (American Flyer and Gargraves).  The latter provides an American Flyer "look and feel" on the outside track, which is a real crowd pleaser for the "older" generation (those who grew up with American Flyer trains).  In addition to the yard, there is a passing siding that covers three modules, and a spur on one module.  The yard has six ladder tracks, three accessible from each direction.  Eight-foot module #16 has a crossovers between the three main lines and a small industrial yard.  The four-foot module (#6) next to the bridge has power cutoff switches on all three main line tracks to allow mainline trains to be held out of the way while other trains are being switched into and out of the yard.  

We struggled for years with home built walk-around transistor throttles, running everything on DC, but had a continual problem with burning out transistors and blowing fuses, due to the high current draw of the AF engines and lighted cars.  As the newer equipment started adding sound systems, these required AC operation.  So in 2003 we replaced the hand-held throttles with two AF 18B transformers followed by DC rectifiers and AC/DC selector switches.  This also keeps people from tripping over the throttle cables!  In 2015 we  converted to a Legacy-based system.

We've also added numerous operating accessories to the layout.

Layout map of modules.

Layout photo tour of all layout modules.



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