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Help Save Missouri's Amtrak Service!

Missouri's Amtrak Service


The Ann Rutledge rolls along the Missouri River at Hermann on Aug. 15, 2003.


The Ann Rutledge approaches Jefferson City, paralleling the
Missouri River..


Amtrak passenger train service between Kansas City and St. Louis, with through train service continuing to/ from Chicago, provide valuable travel options for Missourians. The service is popular, carrying about 200,000 Missourians and visiting tourists and business people a year.

Flyer to help save Missouri's passenger trains. Word document on the Ann Rutledge and Kansas City/ St. Louis Mules which provide twice-daily service between Missouri's biggest cities. The train serves an important part of Missouri's traveling public and according to a Missouri Dept. of Transportation study, enjoys a significant amount of public support. UPDATED 03/05

Please write your state representatives and Urge Them to Continue to Fund This Important Transportation Alternative


Information on Amtrak's Missouri service (Amtrak)  

Amtrak's Kansas City - St. Louis train service

Missouri Amtrak schedules (from MODOT)  
Other Missouri Amtrak schedule link  

Missouri trains picture page


Amtrak Missouri facts




Alert from the National Association of Rail Passengers regarding Missouri Amtrak service (1/08/03)


NARP MO. service alert (2/11/04)




Missouri Amtrak funding cuts will harm passengers (MOKSRail news release) (02/25/04)


MODOT news & services




Accurate commentary on the state of yearly Amtrak funding requests (Washington, MO., Missourian - 02/04)
Rescue on the Rails...Kansas City Star pro-Missouri Amtrak column  
Kansas City Star column: Don't Let Missouri's Cross-State Passenger Train Die (April 14, 2002)
This is the column, written by former MOKSRail president Wayne Copple, that prompted a local radio talk show host to lash-out against state funding of Amtrak trains. Fortunately, the Kansas City Star has much higher credibility than some radio talk show host.
Tailor-made rail service (guest column on improving MO. service)  
Amtrak on its final run? (Independence, Mo., Examiner editorial)  


Late Mo. Amtrak trains not always Amtrak's fault (letter to editor, St. Louis)  
Pro-Amtrak letters published in Kansas City Star (March 7, 2002)  



Kansas City Star article


Associated Press article on possible cuts

Missouri Amtrak service should be a state priority (Washington, Mo., editorial).  
Missouri state legislative committee Amtrak hearing (10/06/04)  
Missouri House endorses Amtrak funding (03/11/04)  
Budget chairman to support Amtrak funding (KC Star- free registration to view - 03/04/04)  
House panel rejects funding of cross-state train (AP)  
Amtrak loses bid to keep twice-daily trips (AP) (02-11-04)  
Ridership increases on Chicago-St. Louis-Kansas City trains  
Amtrak to remove all staff from 2 stations (04/03)  
Amtrak seeks higher state subsidies - Issue Watch (04/03)  
Changes to Mo. Amtrak service due to short funding (03/03)  
Amtrak will cut costs to continue Mo. service (03/03)  
Changes to Amtrak's service announced because of reduced funding (Amtrak, 03/03)  
Amtrak faces new problem: Mo. state budget cuts - Travel Weekly (03/03)  
Station agents cut in Jefferson City & Kirkwood (03/03)  

Mo. to seek private rail passenger proposals (02/03)

Without more money from MO., service will be cut - Kansas City Star (01/03)  
Missouri group calls for national Amtrak system  
Amtrak survival still uncertain - Mo. Digital News (04/02)  
Various Missouri Amtrak service articles, letters (03/02)  
Legislature funds Amtrak service; future service in jeopardy (02/02)  
Citizens travel to Jefferson City to rally to save MO. trains (02/02)
Good reasons (people) to keep Amtrak service - Mo. Digital News (02/18/02)

MODOT official addresses MOKSRail group meeting-04/13/02



Additional service information (from NARP)  
Missouri Department of Transportation: Aviation, Rail, Transit, Waterways  
Midwest Regional Rail Initiative Executive Report (PDF file - right-click to download) (  
Evaluation of Kansas City - St. Louis passenger rail service (1988, from MODOT- PDF- right-click to download)  

Lewis & Clark Trails & Rails program

Amtrak's return to Kansas City Union Station (12/02)  
Article on possible Amtrak service to Branson, Mo. (1998)  
Mo. trains now all-reserved (Oct. 1997)  

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