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Bush Plan Derails Amtrak!

:Long-Distance Trains Benefit America

Writings & Essays on how Long-Distance Trains help Americans' Transportation Needs

Bush Amtrak "reform plan" would destroy interstate passenger train service

Sample letter you can write to your elected officials urging them to reject flawed Bush Amtrak "plan"

Statement on Bush plan from Midwest High Speed Rail Coalition corridor group.


Amtrak Reform Council: The Myth of Passenger Train Profitability

Long-distance v. corridor trains: myths and realities (URPA)

Analysis indicates long-distance trains, not short-distance, are Amtrak's moneymakers

Long-distance trains: a strong foundation for future growth (Midwest High Speed Rail Coalition).

Long-distance trains are important. Critics use false figures

Money-losing passenger trains???

Why was Amtrak created? (from Friends of Amtrak)

An Open Letter to Journalists (Amtrak issue reporting)

A journalist's view of long-distance trains (blog)l

Public support strong for Amtrak: Washington Post poll shows 70% support continued investments in rail passenger system


MOKSRail and rail advocates across the country believe long-distance trains are NOT lightly used & can positively contribute to this country's transportation system, if properly funded & operated.

Don't listen to the nagging right-wing think-tanks that believe Amtrak, which consumes all of 2% of the U.S. DOT's budget, is the source of all evil in the world. Groups such as the Heritage Foundation, The CATO Institute, Senator John McCain and Congressman Ernest Ishtook often lie and distort facts, claiming long-distance trains run empty.

The Bush Administration unveiled in late July a long-awaited plan for reforming Amtrak. The "plan" however does nothing but destroy Amtrak through shifting passenger rail costs to states. With many states in budget crisis, few would come forward to fund intercity passenger rail service. While signaling an end to federal government support of passenger rail, the administration has not said it would follow a similar course with competitor transportation modes such as highways and aviation, projects that the federal government has long taken the lead in funding.


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