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MMRS - 2002 O Scale New England Show

2003 O Scale New England Show

We had so much fun in 2002, we decided to hold our "O Scale New England" again in 2003. It was held on April 6th, at the same location as last year, the Elks hall in Hudson, MA.

We set up the hall for 33 dealer tables. We also had a 36 x 17 modular layout using modules from Bill Driscoll, Dave Taylor, Paul Taylor, and Mike Boucher. We also had a separate "straight line" layout of modules currently under construction by Mike Boucher and Ernie Gay, as well as Bill Wheeler's engine terminal module.

The show was a great sucess! The dealer tables were completely sold out, and we had a good crowd all day. Spectators came from as far away as New York and northern New Hampshire. Once again, we are already making plans to have another show in 2004.

Here are some pictures taken over the course of the day. (click on the thumbnails to see a larger version!)

Modules Dave Taylor (front) and Bill Driscoll (behind module) discuss operations as Mike Boucher's Norfolk and Western passenger train runs on the modules. The engine is a Sunset brass engine, the cars from Weaver. The modules were built by Paul and Dave Taylor. The represent the textile mill areas of Lawrence, MA. The tall buildings make a great backdrop.

Paul Taylor's Consolidation Paul Taylor picked up one of the new Weaver consolidations from a dealer at the show. He put it right on the modular layout. Here it is running for the first time.

Jimi, Norm and Phil Metrowest president Jimi Smith (left) chats with dealers Norm Pullen (right) and Phil Ginkus (center).

British 0-4-2 A friend of mine, Chris Lee, came from New York state. Chris models Victorian era British railways. He brought with him this beautiful example of a Great Western railway class 517 0-4-2. Fortunately, I brought my British rolling stock, 6 coal vans and one box van, for the locomotive to pull, and I didn't even know he was coming!

British meets Southern Pacific A scene that would never have happened in real life. Chris Lee's 0-4-2 meets Bill Driscoll's Southern Pacific 4-10-2. The difference in size is quite dramatic. It is even more dramatic when you realize that British O scale is at a scale of 1:43rd, while the US uses 1:48th, even though they run on the same track. The SP engine still towers over the British engine, even though the British engine is a larger proportion.

All photos copyright 2003 by Mike Boucher.  If you must use them on your page, ask permission first!!!

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