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MMRS - 2002 O Scale New England Show

2002 O Scale New England Show

Our 2002 "O Scale New England" show was the first show we sponsored in a few years. It was held on April 7th, 2002, at the Elks hall in Hudson, MA.

We set up the hall for 30 dealer tables. We also had a 36 x 17 modular layout using modules from Bill Driscoll, Dave Taylor, Paul Taylor, and Mike Boucher. We had some initial difficulties with wiring under the modular layout, but the issues were quickly resolved.

The show was a great sucess! Over the course of the day, we had about 300 O scalers and model railroaders come through the show. Spectators came from as far away as New York and northern New Hampshire. We are already making plans to have another show in 2003.

Here are some pictures taken over the course of the day. (click on the thumbnails to see a larger version!)

Overview of Show Overview of the show shortly after opening.

Overview of Modules Looking down one side of the modular layout. Paul and Dave Taylor build the 24' long switching puzzle, loosely based on the mill buildings in Lawrence, MA. Three run through tracks allowed us to keep both main lines clear and also to have a long yard lead.

Dave Taylor Dave Taylor watching a 3 unit B&M frieght pass. The locos are all Red Caboose units, all detailed and custom painted by various MMRS members. The Station is Jimi Smith's scratch built Weston, MA B&M station. More photos of the station are available here.

Catenary Models Jimi Smith decided he needed some New Haven style catenary on his modules. Since Jimi didn't have his module at the show, he brought the catenary display. He scatch built the entire catenary out of styrene, and put signals on one of the towers. Right now, the catenary isn't powered, so Bill Wheeler's brass FL-9s sit under the wires.

All photos copyright 2002 by Mike Boucher.  If you must use them on your page, ask permission first!!!

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