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T Gauge Layout Designs

T Gauge Layout Designs

At 1:450 scale, T Gauge is the world's smallest model railroad scale. I've been modeling in T for over 2 years, and I'm happy to offer layouts in this scale. Great for coffee tables, end tables, or even desktops, if you're strapped for space, a T Gauge layout may be right for you.

T Gauge Basic Layouts

T Gauge - Single Loop - $120 - 14"X18" - Can be smaller, depending on Radius

T Gauge - Double Loop - $180 - 14"X24"

T Gauge - Up and Over Single - $150 - 18"X24"

T Gauge - Up and Over Double - $250 - 24"X24"

T Gauge - Single Loop w/end Siding - $150 - 14"X24"

T Gauge - Single Loop w/front siding - $175 14"X24"

T Gauge - Double Loop w/front Siding - $275 16"X24"

T Gauge - Single Track Point to Point (No Turnouts) 6"X48" - Includes 2 remote sensors for automatic operation- $100

T Gauge Extras

Sidings - Add $30 for Single End, $45 for Double End

Eishindo Sectional Track (Except Point to Point)

All prices not including pack/trains/scenery

Basic scenery cover for flat table T Gauge Layouts can be added for a cost of $20

Any specialty wiring or trackwork, e-mail

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Last Update January 20, 2013

Any questions, comments or requests - Please e-mail me Dan MacKellar