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HO Gauge Layout Designs

HO Scale Layout Designs

HO is the most common model railroad scale. It's big enough for detailing, yet small enough not to take up much space.

HO Scale - 4X4 Up and Over/1 Turnout - $250 - Specify Radius

HO Scale - 4X4 Loop/2 Turnouts - $250 - Specify Radius

HO Scale - 4X6 Up and Over/2 Turnouts - $350

HO Scale - 4X6 Dual Main/4 Turnouts (1 Crossover) - $450

HO Scale - 4X8 Up and Over/4 Turnouts (1 passing Siding) - $550

HO Scale - 4X8 Dual Main - 5 Turnouts (1 Crossover) - $625

"Budget" Series

Designed as the next step up from the basic train set, the budget layout is designed to be expandable and affordable. Budget layouts include basic paint and ground cover. If you already have a train set, then I can use your track and you save $25 on the basic 4X4 oval! The "Budget" series can be combined with modules from the "Switchyard" series to expand your layout options!

HO Scale - 4X4 Oval (2 24"X 48" end modules) - $175 Includes 4 adjustable leg assemblies - 18" Radius

HO Scale - 1X2 Straight Section - $40

HO Scale - 1X4 Straight Section - $60

HO Scale - 1X4 Passing Siding (manual) - $80, $100 w/Remote Turnouts

"Switchyard" Series

The Switchyard Series is a set of different modules that can be moxed and matched for a shelf layout, around the walls, or even a standard table layout if preferred. Some examples are below, but the designs can be customized if you want something different. Like all layouts, the costs include basic track and wiring. Basic ground cover can be added for additional cost. All modules feature 1X4 construction and 3/8" Plywood tops. Open grid construction is available as well.

26"X 26" 90-degree corner section - 22" Radius Curve - $100

12"X 48" Engine Terminal 3 turnouts and 1 9" diameter turntable (Atlas) - $140 manual, $175 w/Remote Turnouts, $220 w/Remote Turnouts and turntable

12"X 48" Stub Ended Yard - 4 turnouts - $120 Manual, $175 w/Remote Turnouts

12"X 24" passing siding end for Stub End Yard - 3 Turnouts - $75 Manual, $100 w/Remote Turnouts

12"X 24" industry spur - 1 Turnout - $50 manual, $60 w/Remote Turnout Additional designs are welcomed. E-Mail with your requests.

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Last Update January 20, 2013

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