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Riverside Live Steamers Fall 1998 Meet

A Variety of Engines Were Running

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1 inch pacificThis was the largest engine that I saw on the 1" scale line. It ran well with a very sharp bark for smaller engine.

2-10-0El Gobernador was modeled after a real prototype of the same name. I don't remember which road it ran on.

4-4-0This is a model of an early American type. This engine was running mostly light.

ten wheelerThis Ten Wheeler was pulling passengers without complaint nearly the whole time I was there.

mogulThere were a lot of Moguls running the day I was there.

another mogulAnother Mogul was modeled after an SP prototype with a Vanderbilt tender.

northernThis was one of the largest engines that I saw running. It was pulling a long train of passengers.

nyc pacificThere were several Pacific's there too. Again, this one was pulling passengers.

another pacificThis nice Pacific was in the engine yard. I didn't see this one running.

challenger in workA Challenger was under construction in the yard. Note the thickness of the smokebox wall, at least 5/8", maybe more. I don't think that a full size Challenger was built with heavier materials.

more challengerThe firebox and boiler are all welded, I am told that these are at least as thick as the smokebox.

tender frameThe builder made his own patterns and had this centipede tender frame cast in ONE PIECE.

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