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George Schreyer's Guestbook

George Schreyer's Guestbook
Volume 3
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Nov 11, 1999 to Feb 10, 2001

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Name: Jim Gresham
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Found your site in Garden Railways. Glad to find stuff on indoor G scale. Especillay maintinance on Big Hauler locos. Curently building a barn for my years of G scale acumulation. Plan to refer back to your great site often.
05:15:27 2001/02/17

Name: John Starks
From: Lake Placid,FL
Pattern maker for Warehouse Hobbies/ G Spot Depot
19:00:27 2001/02/10

13:26:27 2001/02/10

From: england
very enjoyable. would like to see more soon. regards frank
13:25:29 2001/02/09

Name: Barry Olsen
From: Las Vegas, NV 89123
I don't think I have developed a home page as yet.
12:40:19 2001/02/08

Name: jim shaffer
From: pa
very intresting web page
14:03:01 2001/02/07

Name: jim shaffer
From: pa
very intresting web page
14:01:05 2001/02/07

Name: Martin Stoyanov
From: Denmark
Beautifull website!!!!
14:36:31 2001/02/05

Name: Bob Wallace
From: Rhode Island
Have just started looking into garden railways again after a 6 year hiatus. Your site is an outstanding find, gets me back into the swing of things. Thanks
13:57:51 2001/02/03

Name: Scott Muchow
From: Texas
Enjoy the Aristo tips!
09:59:34 2001/02/03

Name: Robert Collett
Great site. Thanks for the very helpful tips.
11:52:03 2001/02/02

Name: Peter Merrilll
From: Toronto
I recently used your suggestios to couple my C.N. heavyweights closer. It worked out perfectly. I use min. 4 foot radius curves. Thanks so much for your help in this project. I also added LGB ball bearing trucks to these coaches, greatly decreaseing the drag and allowing the Aristo Pacific to pull at least 8 cars. I use 4 wheel trucks
19:35:53 2001/01/31

Name: Bill Bashucki
From: Windsor Ontario Canada
Great site! Cann you tell me how to put battery power in an RS3?? What do I need, and where do I get it??
06:23:54 2001/01/31

Name: andrew rein
From: Los Angeles (suburbs)
Great web site. I am an engineer, and can appreciate all the good work you have done to quantify the performance of the various G scale products. Impressive web site.
12:09:05 2001/01/29

Name: Merhl Hiteshew
From: Newtown, CT
I am absolutely new to model trains. Plan to work in narrow guage (36") - now that I have read your material. What a help! The concept of scale is new to me and I was having a lot of trouble with it until I read your material. Thanksfor an excellent site! I am going to try to lay my own track (Llagas alum. 250) and build my own stuff. Battery power - using ideas from Alan Olson (DVI videos). This has to be a low budget operation.
13:14:00 2001/01/28

Name: bill griffith
From: bakfld ca
thanks for the help got new drive shaft for my climax and sent back cracket shaey trucks even drive gear on axle cracked
12:36:12 2001/01/27

Name: John W. Misiaszek
From: Muncie, IN
I'm in 1-1/2 scale in real steam and gasoline powered locomotives. Am converting the diesel to battery power and a sound system. Lot of good stuff in your tips.
11:55:53 2001/01/27

Name: Paul Koski
From: Bay Area, California
I am a beginner and am finding your tech tips pages to be a great source of information as I build my first outdoor railroad. Thanks
13:57:13 2001/01/25

Name: Terry Lattin
From: Bothell,WASHINGTON
Your info. is the best. Thank You Terry
19:03:48 2001/01/24

Name: Keith Purdy
From: daly city, ca
keep up the good work! i'm going to try and build a truss bridge.
13:14:27 2001/01/24

Name: Peter Bullock
From: Ottawa, Canada
Great site. It has helped me understand DCC better. PS I am very green to the topic. Less than a week old to DCC.
05:18:28 2001/01/24

From: tulsa ok
getting my footsies wet on the net.
09:59:55 2001/01/23

Name: Dick Mullen
From: Cottage Grove MN
Updating my email address. As always your information is so valuable.
10:22:12 2001/01/22

Name: Kelley Marshall
From: Oakdale, CA
After your reply in a topic about wiring at Aristo Forum, I looked up your page and now I have great ideas on what I can do. Your warehouse is just what the doctor ordered in my planned adaption for and engine house to cover my conduit. Thanks for the artical
13:28:17 2001/01/21

Name: Leland Wieweck
From: Cottonwood, AZ
Thanks for tips. Will be back.
20:06:38 2001/01/20

Name: Amanda Schreyer
From: Rep South Africa
Looking for other Schreyers. My father-in-law shares your name.
14:27:56 2001/01/20

Name: Rich Allsmiller
From: Van nuys, CA
you have lots of very useful stuff. Many thanks, and I'll look forward to coming back many times for more good info. many thanks!
23:43:34 2001/01/18

Name: David Fenn
From: Cleveland, OH
Thank you so much for the wealth of information on your site! I am just starting out in the world of garden railroading and I can't tell you how helpful these pages have been. Please keep up the excellent work (play?).
22:55:25 2001/01/17

From: Vancouver BC
The most comprehensive, informative site by far for both the novice and the old hands. Thanks George for a whole bunch of entertaining reads. D.Davis
22:36:47 2001/01/17

Name: Dale
From: Vancouver BC
The most comprehensive, informative site by far for both the novice and the old hands. Thanks George for a whole bunch of entertaining reads. D.Davis
22:33:11 2001/01/17

Very good information on large scale equip. I have had a garden RR in my back yard since 1993.. About 350 + feet.Thanks for helping to promote garden RR's, you are doing a great job.
20:46:12 2001/01/17

Name: Gardner Colloms
From: Canyon, Tex.
George, I appreciate the information you have collected and printed on your website, both your own experiences and those gleaned from other sites. This information has helped me make s number of decisions about construction of my own G (garage) modular railway. The operators will include my grandchildren, my wife's and me. Appreciate the infomation, Gardner
14:54:11 2001/01/17

Name: Mike Streight
From: Oak Harbor, WA
great site with lots of good information
21:56:07 2001/01/16

Name: John E. Sedlock Sr.
From: Swedona, Illinois
New to garden railroading, found your site very interesting.
20:42:17 2001/01/16

Name: bob weltyk
From: lk.orion mi
one of the best web. i have been to.i will all members of lake shore garden railways thanks for the info. bob weltyk
14:52:10 2001/01/16

Name: billbecker
From: lake tomahawk wi
Im rather new to gardenrailways.have small area in witch to work.I am interested in learning all things about it.
21:21:50 2001/01/15

Name: Bill Martinsen
From: Norman, OK
Great stuff! Your technical tips are worth twice their weight in gold. Keep up the good work.
13:13:02 2001/01/15

Name: Dave Bahnsen
From: Coralville, Iowa
Is this a great site or what? This is the type of site that makes the Internet so great. It would be impossible for me, in the middle of Iowa, to obtain information like this without it. Thanks George
22:05:31 2001/01/14

Name: Peter A. Merrill
From: 32 Joseph Duggan Rd. Toronto Ont M4L 3Y2 Canada
This site has been most helpfull,in paricular, with the Ariso heayweights
18:46:32 2001/01/14

Name: Herb Aceous
From: Subn Chi
George: Great Site! I have same problem w/Soundtraxx DSX Sound Only Decoder often losing power while running on LGB MTS DCC system. Ever figger out a battery supplement? I'd thought the capacitor they provided would make power continuous.
14:35:06 2001/01/14

Name: Eugene R Beall
From: Green Valley AZ
I am a member of the Tucson garden RR club. I find your web site very usefull.
09:32:33 2001/01/14

Name: Michael P Burrock
From: Pine Island, Florida
Great information. Thanks for taking the time to help others.
06:27:23 2001/01/14

Name: John McGaugh
From: Flagstaff AZ
You answered all my questions except one. How do you terminate on those short screws on aristo switches? Great Site
19:57:55 2001/01/13

Name: Jack D. Walker
From: Shirley AR.
I have just gotten an Aristo C-16 Consolidated and was serching for info on a sound system for it. I happened on to your web page and lucky for me I did. Your reshearch has helped me, as a novice in deciding what to purchase. Thanks Jack I have 97ft of overhead track in my business (Anitque Clock Shop)
06:48:00 2001/01/13

Name: Jack D. Walker
From: Shirley AR.
I have just gotten an Aristo C-16 Consolidated and was serching for info on a sound system for it. I happened on to your web page and lucky for me I did. Your reshearch has helped me, as a novice in deciding what to purchase. Thanks Jack I have 97ft of overhead track in my business (Anitque Clock Shop)
06:42:01 2001/01/13

Name: Douglas Ey
From: Long Island,N.Y.
Your website is most informative and interesting with concern to G gauge(1/24-1/29 scale)
23:39:03 2001/01/12

Name: eeb
From: lafayette, ca
You have one great site. Thanks and thanks again for all the good ideas.
21:52:13 2001/01/12

21:02:27 2001/01/12

Name: Pat
From: Canada
I decided to buy a C-16 from Aristo., based on your findings...Great help when you have to shop by mail... I willdo the alterations to lower the frame and cylenters...I'll let you know when it's done (summer 2001)
20:46:52 2001/01/11

20:23:48 2001/01/11

Name: Richard Roberts
From: Seattle
Great pages! I have conntacted Aristo No answer. Bought a display "Pacific" from a dealer. Cowcatcher is missing. Dealer says "He never lost it" Have written to Aristo but they never answered. Any ideas on replacing It?
14:10:41 2001/01/11

Name: Bill Chestnut
From: Bridgeton NJ
You really have a nice web page and garden railway. My most recent addition is a Hartland railbus. My Subumbra Garden Railway is set in the 1920s-'30.
07:34:35 2001/01/10

From: Pittsburgh, PA
You have just the thing I am looking for I will put these lights on my Impala SS.
19:50:33 2001/01/09

Name: M. D. Landers
From: Jacksonville, Florida
Very informative site
13:46:30 2001/01/07

Name: David Mull
From: independence ca
nice web sight the plymouth in front of laws water tank is mine. it was the first thing to run on laws track in about 40 years. we plan to use it to lay track in Independence for our c.c.r.w. display
15:49:13 2001/01/06

Name: James Egal
From: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Thanks you've got lots of helpful info.
15:16:05 2001/01/06

Name: Rudolf MAREHARD
From: Austria/Salzburg
Hello George ! At first it`s to say, that I`m at home in Austria - not Australia. Your homepage ist phantastic with its lot of interesting pictures and informations - really the top! I have a gardenrailway myself since 3 years. For me ist would be interestind, what sorts of grass and trees you have planted on the mountain of your garden railway. I wish you a happy railway-new-year yours sincerely Rudi
11:12:16 2001/01/06

Name: Thomas M. Robinson
From: Eutawville, SC 29048
I am going to build a train around our ponds, through the garden and by our swimming pool. Hooked on to find out some information because we have never done anything like this before. Any help would be appreciated.
07:47:31 2001/01/05

Name: Chris Rheynolds
From: Australia
Just starting out,have only bought my first engine in the last few days,a little argyle philly and looking for info on hand laid track
01:19:12 2001/01/05

Name: Tom G. Higgins
From: Des Moines, Ia
22:16:46 2001/01/04

Name: Ken Tomaszewski
From: Alamo, CA (SF Bay Area)
I received a new LGB Mogul from my wife for Christmas so I am new to this hobby. I have learned so much from your site alone. I have been to many (train related)web sites over the last two weeks and you have accomplished something significant with your web site. Other that some (non train related) government web sites that I have visited I believe that you have one of the most informative and best sites on the web. Congradulations and Thanks for the hours of education, Ken
23:07:08 2001/01/03

Name: sharon grubbs
From: ohio
loved your website,especially the section on british food.we also found the pubgrub the way to you know a site where i could find the cost of individual trips,,,trying to compare prices with the passes
15:05:47 2001/01/03

Name: john w rebello
From: san diego
one of the best pages i have found greatinfo.thank you
11:54:56 2001/01/03

Name: bill lupoli
From: new jersey
I am happy that you have tackled so many problems that I am interested in. It makes life easier.
11:29:25 2001/01/03

Name: Cliff Hansen
From: Vallejo, Calif
Thanks for being here for me, the beginner. Thank you for all the time and effort that you must have expended to make all this information available to us.
16:56:51 2001/01/02

Name: Christopher Gaul
From: Toronto Canada
Thanks for all the effort on your site. The technical information has been invaluable for a beginner in the hobby and has helped greatly with the learning curve.
15:22:18 2001/01/02

Name: Bob MacGregor
From: Oakdale, CT
Hi George,I had purchased a Lionel Atlantic and ran it for about 20 minutes and it quit with smoke curling out from underneath. I did your LGB brush mod to it and after I repaired the short in the smoke wiring, i was able to make it run. Thanks for the great tips pages that you put on the net, Bob MacGregor
16:56:18 2000/12/31

Name: Ron Kuhnel
From: Eureka, CA
Lots of people sign your guestbook, and it is no surprise. It is the most useful site dedicated to large scale I have found on the Internet. I have been planning for months the construction of my pike here in beautiful Eureka, CA -- have joined the local Garden Railway club, and poured over many back issues of magazines dedicated to this hobby. But nothing has helped me more than your site. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your extensive knowledge.
14:07:47 2000/12/31

Name: Lobby
From: Adelaide, Australia
Just getting into G scale, still working on the eventual plan. Great info from your site.
02:26:34 2000/12/31

Name: Ed Keene
From: Modesto, CA
OUTSTANDING!!!! You have some great stuff on your web page. Bare Metal Foil as used by car and airplane modelers should also work well for the Aristo Streamline cars to match the aluminum. I lowered my cars by just cutting about 1/4" off the bolster and glueing it back together. A little more work, but simple and cheap. If you don't already have a Bachmann 4-4-0 get one, so you can supply some ideas.
12:36:15 2000/12/30

Name: Dick Schweizer
From: Shoreview, Minnesota
Enjoy your web site very much. Thx for sharing all the info and knowledge. Do you know where I can find plans for large scale buildings on the internet??? Thanks again, Dick
11:17:12 2000/12/30

Name: Dudley Bartko
From: Temecula, Ca
Great source of needed information.
11:01:19 2000/12/30

Name: Chris Notari
From: PA
None just gtting started with LGB
20:44:06 2000/12/29

16:04:18 2000/12/29

Name: Jim Heins
From: Kensington, Maryland
Was just given a starter set and am checking into as much information as I can before I actually start. Prices and best places to buy basic materials, track, etc. will be an early focus along with planning a layout. Your information is quite extensive. Thanks for taking the time to put all this together.
12:21:11 2000/12/26

Name: Orlyn Glover
From: Santa ana, ca.
Pres. of Orange County Garden Railway Society.
21:18:13 2000/12/24

Name: simon lee
I have just started on thesae trains so i am a baginer. have you got some tips you could give me ,some acsibits nere by and have you got anu trains for sale in the price range from £80 to £200 if you have e-mail me yours sinserly simon lee
11:20:15 2000/12/23

Name: George Bozovich
From: Ohio
Great web page! Wonderful resource!
19:10:40 2000/12/18

Name: Ron Cheroske
From: Telluride,CO
Hey George, read your tip page for the C-16 and first thng I did was to install the white LEDs in all my trains. Awesome tip!!
08:08:09 2000/12/18

Name: Kevin Cahill
From: Western Mass
Great site.... Just starting a G Scale layout(indoors) for my wife.... Very interesting reading.... I'm a third generation RailRoader from the Communications & Signal department. 24 years.... If you're ever in need of the real technical stuff on signalling drop me a line..... Yards, high speed...
09:35:30 2000/12/13

Name: Jerry Barnes
From: Plano, TX
George-just looked at the Military Railroad. That is really interesting. Have d/l it and will be reading it in detail. Thanks for your work in scanning this document in. Happy Holidys... Jerry
15:54:26 2000/12/10

Name: Tom Shank
From: Parker, Colorado
Excellent site George! People like you make this a little nicer world. Thanks.
09:34:11 2000/12/10

04:29:07 2000/12/10

Name: Don Erbel
From: mill valley, ca
George, Thanks loads for all the tips. You've given me lots of info as I build my own garden RR. Unlike HO (which I also have), garden RRs are very much in a state of flux and info is scarce. We belong to BAGARS (Bay Area GRS) and that is lots of help too. You might point people to a list of clubs in their area as an info source (if you haven't done so somewhere that I didn't notice). Thanks again! Don Erbel
21:11:08 2000/12/09

Name: James Zuganelis
From: Atlanta Ga
I just bought one of the Costco Big Haulers. for my Christmas present - Only my kids don't know I bought it. Glad to read a good review for my first Large Scale.
18:24:03 2000/12/07

Name: George Daughters
From: SF Bay Area
Your site is extremely useful and informative! Many thanks for making it available! I'll return often, I'm sure. (Please don't hand out my e-mail address to spam-generators.) Thanks!
11:26:05 2000/12/06

Name: Matt Brennemann
From: Texas
Hi George - You're my main source for competent info. I finally decided to write sompin in your guestbook, so you know you gotta fan club. Best regards, Matt Brazos Valley RR
20:59:08 2000/12/05

Name: dan drew
From: FV, CA
Great site. I found you on a search on Yahoo for of all things a NTE Adjustable Voltage Regulator. I'm am in the process of building a DC adapter for a Canon S100 DigCam. Want to build an external standard AA batteries kit vs. proprietary Lithium ION batteries. I'm looking for a good Application Note on the Adj.Var.Regular and cant find one. Can you point me to a URL? Thanks again for such a wonderful site! Dan
11:37:14 2000/12/03

You came to England, rode our trains and ate - you deserve a medal - mind you your food is as shite as our rail system can ever be!
16:47:31 2000/12/02

Name: Orlando Pinelli
From: Indiana,USA
George, Your tech tips pages are excellent.
16:42:10 2000/12/02

Name: James G Duncan
From: Sao Paulo-Brazil
Dear George, I am starting a new railroad and your site has helped very much in the set up. I have just purchased a Bachmann Shay and lots of Aristo track. Layout will be out-side in my garden with an American logging theme. Best regards, James.
10:47:11 2000/12/01

Name: Clark, R.
From: Puyallup, Wa
Just getting started, trying to figure what kind of train to buy. Also trying to figure out how i want to lay in yard, thanks. Good web info
17:17:50 2000/11/29

Name: David Simko
From: Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Thank you very much for detailed report on the Chattanooga Choo Choo...just terrific! I was wondering about buying a set at Costco...may proceed to do so.
12:37:53 2000/11/29

Name: Carl Nencetti
From: Seattle
George, Thanks for the heads up on the C-16 sound component installation. Excellent site. Carl Nencetti
19:07:10 2000/11/28

Name: Jay Korf
From: Kansas City
Thanks for putting all this great info together!
15:43:49 2000/11/24

Name: Randy Ocken
From: Polo, IL
Great source of information!
11:11:51 2000/11/24

Name: Ronald Brown
From: West Texas
I think this site is very helpful and it contains much needed information on the G-Scale trains. I really needed this info a year ago. I also had fun installing a decoder in an Aristo RS3 I used the one by MRC. I still need a better way to hook up the smoke unit?? any thanks for pages like this and for the help that they give. thanks Ron Please visit my pages and sign my guest book .
19:43:40 2000/11/21

Name: John Harper
From: UK and France
What a GREAT page! I just got a Bachmann Shay & Climax and am looking at how to do DCC and sound in them. Your articles (on this and other stuff) have been absolutely great - and really nicely written as well. Keep up the good work! John
15:56:36 2000/11/21

Name: john clayton
From: UK
Great info, keep up the good work
13:07:27 2000/11/19

Name: limpykorn888
From: ca
04:20:59 2000/11/16

19:16:45 2000/11/14

Name: Sandy
From: Kitchener, Ontario
Great page. I am wondering if anyone out there can give me some tips on getting started in electric trains. I am looking at a beginner set -HO Scale. There seem to be many different sets and types of tracks. I am in Canada so if you have any input it would be appreciated. Books, magazines??
22:00:08 2000/11/13

Name: Charles Shanks
From: Allen, Texas
Hi George. I "piddle" in model. I own 2 Bachman Bih Hauler sets. One is a radio controlled set I obtained around 1990. The second is a "Chattanooga Choo Choo" set I purchased at Costco on 10/29/00. I am glad to see that the general opinion is that this set is worth the money (I gave $ 92.00). Your "Big Hauler" tips are great. I plan to convert the passenger cars to track power as you described.
10:39:54 2000/11/08

Name: Eric Caron
From: Montreal Canada
I really like your web site. I just bought my first G Scale 0-4-0 Switcher. However I am trying to find a smoke unit that is synchronized with sound similar to Lionel fan driven unit on the New Atlantic K4. Would you have any info please. Thank you
14:57:10 2000/11/06

Name: James Bond
From: England
I was quite surprised that you rated our rail network very well. However, conversely, your comments on food were downright wrong!! At least we know what quantity to give our customers....
10:13:30 2000/11/06

Name: Yvonne & Maurice Head/mf & freddie
From: Oil City, LA
Great site.. gonna have to come back when I's gots mo time to play..
18:51:11 2000/11/04

Name: Ken Meckem
From: Kirkland, Wa.
I live about 3 miles from Dave Goodson and 'am able to do the Friday Ops. run that Dave hosts for the club. I model logging in 1/20.3 and modern diesels in 1/29, mostly from USA
07:54:17 2000/11/02

Name: Doc Donaldson
From: michigan/louisiana
Your site is fantastic, I found it from a reference in egroups. I have only started to read and process the information you provided that applies to equipment that I own and I have used your info on the Aristo 0-4-0 to make a purchasing decision. Thanks for sharing all this.
09:04:37 2000/10/30

Name: David Perier
From: Modesto Ca.
This is a grate site.
23:39:56 2000/10/29

Name: Neil Collepardi
From: Calf
Recieved you url for aristo, as im loking into DCC and RC power.
20:30:28 2000/10/28

Name: Kevin Paszalek
From: Houston, Texas, USA
George, I enjoyed your account of the Brit rail system very much. I will be leading a mission team to the UK in the future, and some of our travel will be by rail. You gave me a good feel for what it is like. Kevin
22:25:35 2000/10/23

Name: Don Rhoad
From: Cincinnati, OH
Your tips are really helpful to me as a new garden railway hobbyist. So are your links. Thanks.
18:12:56 2000/10/21

Name: Kevin Kohler, PE
From: Elkton MD
I bought a used Aristo 040 from Gary Condry to convert into a B6 060 (big project... long story... long way from done). He recommended your site. He said it was excellent and I think he understated it. THANK YOU!
18:44:48 2000/10/18

Name: vivian gittins
From: South Wales U.K
verry informative. Lots of good tips
16:01:56 2000/10/18

Name: John Abreu
From: Maryland
George. Thanks for the great information. Haven't visited your site for over two years. I'm an old Torrance Boy myself. Grew up next to the McDonnell Douglas Plant on Western Avenue. Really enjoy and use many of your tips.
10:28:39 2000/10/17

Name: Ray Snyder
From: Aurora, Ohio
Your website is the most informative that I have run across. It will take several visits to read most of your tips and other tidbits. Keep up the good work
23:52:14 2000/10/16

Name: Mike Wade
From: Missouri
I am starting a garden railroad and have located the best information on it at your sight. Mainly Kadee couplers, USA vs Aristo cars/track, and ballasting. Thanks for the great info.
14:23:34 2000/10/16

Name: Edward Timmerman
From: oakland ca,
Thanks for being a generous hobbyist your attention to detail and coverage is great if i ever can get my act together i hope to model some of alameda and oaklands SPcoast and SouthernPacific history ,and when i start working with my G scale engines and rolling stock im sure i will need to reread all the posted exsperience and wisdom you and other have shared thanks and keep it updated. happy railroading to you and your crew. Ed
22:37:55 2000/10/14

Name: Bob MacGregor
From: Oakdale, CT
Great information, several of my G scale problems were quickly resolved from your tips. thankyou!
18:24:16 2000/10/14

Name: Philippe J. Said
From: Eastern Canada
Thanks to your tips I was able to put sound in my Bachman Shay and now I will try - by myself - to put sound into an LGB Mogul. Thanks again
20:41:42 2000/10/09

Name: T. R. PRICE
18:59:46 2000/10/09

Name: Mark Brinthaupt
From: Horseheads, New York
Your website is greatly appreciated. You give us what we really need minus the colloquial humor which does nothing more than fill a mail box with trash. I'll soon try some of your bolsters.
06:52:28 2000/10/05

Name: David Perier
From: Modesto Ca.
I like this site will put it in my favorites.
22:37:20 2000/10/01

Name: Sean Mullarkey
From: Cincinnati
We have a son who loves Thomas and I love garden railway systems. Any help on finding a Thomas set for this scale? Thanks, Sean
12:09:45 2000/10/01

Name: Charles W. Donovan Jr.
this is the first ime for the visit. i thank you for the enjoyment.
09:14:23 2000/10/01

Great job.I,m just starting large scale out doors and this material covered so many questions I had. " THANKS "
14:40:36 2000/09/26

Name: Hans Irion
From: VT. Gardenrailw. Club
Run & collect G-scale and have also MARKLIN and other nice ho rolling stock
16:38:12 2000/09/25

19:52:13 2000/09/24

Name: Ted Brewer
From: Gabriola Island, BC, Canada
Just finished a switching yard in my shop with 11 LGB 1600s. Now I'll tear it up and put Loctite on the screws!. Already have the track headed outside and basic landscaping done for a 400 foot layout.
12:21:40 2000/09/22

Name: Rick Holben
From: Bainbridge Island, WA
I have come to rely on your technical help pages. they are a real asset to the large scale community
23:24:36 2000/09/20

Name: Maurice F. Head
From: Oil City, La
Great site.. lots of information. thanks.. mfh
19:56:41 2000/09/17

Name: Ben Bailey
From: Lenox, MA.
As I am new to large scale railways, I have found this site has been a great deal of help to me. Many thanks George.
08:40:55 2000/09/17

Name: John Wheeler
From: Simi Valley, CA
George, I can't find any pictures of YOU on your great site. How about a picture?
14:45:11 2000/09/14

Name: Ted Brewer
From: Gabriola Island, BC, Canada
Great web site. Lots of good tips. Thanks
12:10:37 2000/09/09

Name: Harvey Young
From: Denver
George, As a 68 year old boy who is building his first ever railroad, I want to thank you making your wealth of information available to me and to others. You are truly a generous person.
15:08:19 2000/09/05

Name: Tom Taylor
From: Indiana
Very good info
07:46:28 2000/09/05

Name: Jerry Barnes
From: Plano, TX
Really like your site. Just getting started in large scale after years in HO. Lots of good information. Haven't seen anything on the B'man 4-4-0. Any tips? Jerry
19:28:11 2000/09/04

Name: Mike G
From: Wisconsin
This is great, a Q on a REA FA1, is there a place to buy replacement bodies iin other roadnames
19:19:46 2000/09/04

Name: Marcel Bobst
From: Switzerland
This is great! Thanks
15:32:50 2000/09/04

Name: carl bajema
From: Grand Rapids MI
Thanks--I appreciate the info I want to run trains and I will be able to build a better layout with your info. Thanks again. PS. I am considering using Closetmaid gird system heavy duty shelving for my basement ceiling layout. Have you rad any information about doing this? gteill be able to build a
08:36:31 2000/09/04

Name: Eugene R. Royer
From: Merritt Island, FL
Good site with comments concerning use of LEDs. Another device to look at is the LM334. If the DC supply voltage is near the LED voltage or less than about 16 VDC then the LM334 is good. Less voltage drop for control than the LM317. By itself it is limited to 10 mA but a PNP transistor can up that. Check out the National Web Site for Info.
11:05:09 2000/09/01

Name: Ronald W Anderson
From: Honolulu, Hawaii
Good info I wish I had the time to do this. My garden RR started Oct 1999 has about 300' pof LGB track. Hawaii is an ideal place for the rr. I have elevated the track about 2' on purpose with concrete foundations and RW 2x6 supports it looks good thru the garden and is maintence free. I use LGB MTS wireless control and like it. I recently purchased LGB computer disk and feedback modules and I am anxious to try this out. I have 7 LGB locos and one live steam loco that I received last month and ran about 8 times so far. Just learning about live steam.
19:37:48 2000/08/31

Name: Earl J. Chevalier Jr.
From: Cooper City, FL
Nice work. Lots of information to go through. Thanks for the site.
07:54:39 2000/08/31

Name: Michael Spranger
From: Germany
Hi it´s Michael the naturopath again... I forgot the www on my webadress, now it should work.
03:31:48 2000/08/31

Name: Michael Spranger
From: Germany
Well, I must admit, Í´m not infected by the virus you and all these train enthusiasts must be ;-)... But my compliment for your fantastic page, it is a lot of fun just surfing through it. If anyone is interested in naturopathie take a look at my site. Cheers Mic
03:27:19 2000/08/31

Name: Ian Rankin
From: Nova Scotia Canada
George: The site just gets better and better. I just read your article on the Sierra Diesel sound system. The volume control looks like a SPDT momentary switch. Is this correct as I awnt to install this control on my LGB mogul with a K36 Siera System. If I can buy from Radio Shack it would be cheaper and take less time to get. Thanks Ian
18:38:01 2000/08/29

Name: john lewis tyler
From: sunny atlanta, ga
Thanks for the suggestions on aristo cleaning car mods w/drywall sanding "paper"... Frieght is being shuffled as I write this---smoothly.
18:28:16 2000/08/28

Name: Robert Mofley
From: Green Valley, Arizona
George, you have the most informative site for G scale railroading I've seen. I've used your technical tips on several occasions and I can't begin to tell you how helpful they were, especially the photos. Based on your tips I've done mods on a Bachman Shay, and Aristo FA-1/FB-1, heavtweight and streamline passenger cars. Also, thanks for the info on digital cameras. It was very timely because taking some digital pics of my layout is the next thing I want to do. R. Mofley
15:48:36 2000/08/28

Name: George Riley
From: Springfield, Mo.

12:05:45 2000/08/28

Name: Maurice F. Head
From: Oil City, La.//Shreveport
great site.. love the information..
16:43:21 2000/08/27

Name: David
From: Sweden
Nice bunch of photos. I'm imressed by the hard work you've put in and also by the length of the trains. This looks like a full time hobby! It's great that you put your tips up for visitors as well - I've bookmarked your page. By the way, I'm about to purchase an LGB set and I wonder if you have any tips on putting in batteries - is it just a question of puttin in a couple of flashlight batteries to get the correct voltage? or is it far more complicated than this? Thanks for a nice web site David
15:31:35 2000/08/26

Name: Todd Brody
From: My mother's womb
Was reviewing your info on Kadees for RS-3. Kadee now recommends 786 for small radius and 787 for large radius. I used 787 and coupler spacing is even closer than your modified method. However, the pilot pushes up on the bottom of teh draft box and makes the Kadee sit a hair high. This is easily remedied by rubbing the bottom of the coupler draft box over sandpaper so that it doesn't bind on pilot. Height is then purrfect.
20:41:57 2000/08/25

Name: Keith Lewis
From: southeastern Penna.
Great site. Very helpful.
08:59:49 2000/08/23

Name: Joan Vila
From: Spain
very interesting for me.
11:06:07 2000/08/21

Name: Jerry Rolape
From: Bushwood, MD
Great site! I have visited here several times and it always just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the time and effort......
07:51:29 2000/08/20

Name: Robert I. Miller
From: Vallejo,CA 94591
I have always enjoyed your comments and advice as appeared on LSOL. I do miss being able read the old forums and the banter among the members of the RR hobby. I am very pleased to have found our web site. Thank you, George, for your efforts. I know it is greatly appreciated by the fraternity.
01:36:46 2000/08/17

Name: Dave Barker
From: Bow, NH
George, Great site Dave
18:32:50 2000/08/16

Name: Chris Wunderlich
From: Dade City, FL
Nice Site
07:28:49 2000/08/16

Name: Bill Laird
From: Franklin TN
I'm telling all my friends in the Nashville Garden RR Society about you - this is great!
11:01:21 2000/08/15

Name: Richard Jones
From: Iowa City, Iowa
Really enjoy your technical tips, as I am new to G scale and like it better everyday. Modified my Aristo track cleaning car like you suggested and works great. Does in 1 or 2 passes around the track better than 10 passes before adding the drywall screen. Thanks. Keep up the great job.
06:34:59 2000/08/15

Name: Jim Shutt
From: San Antonio
Your tips are great . A real public service . Thanks for taking the time . Just faxed your Bachmann Big Hauler "devestation" tip to Barry at Barry`s Big Trains in Vegas . He didn`t know he had been mentioned in dispatches . He is appreciative . Wants you to know his prices have gone up . Thanks again. Jim Shutt
17:21:11 2000/08/14

Name: Richard Meyer
From: Dallas, Texas
Your photo of Industrial Mining Equipment has a Ford Model-A engine mounted on it. This gasoline engine was built either in 1928-29 or else 1930-31. I would need another view of the engine to correctly determine its model and year. This engine had 4 cylinders, water cooled, and produced 40 horsepower. Nice webb site! Richard Meyer email:
10:04:24 2000/08/14

Name: Ron Smith
From: Spring City, Pa.
Realy helpful tips especially the ones on Bachmann and Aristo controls (I am considering these controls).
18:51:17 2000/08/12

Name: CARigg
From: S.W. Washington State
Great site with plenty of good ideas and help. Will come back soon as I am a scratch builder from way back. Started in G in 1987. Part of PSGRS which now has a web page. Thanks for your work. CARigg
16:16:16 2000/08/12

Name: Phil Morgan
From: Lisle, IL (Chgo suburb)
Best reference material available. Wish I could find a similar source for LGB locos and rolling stock.
11:12:50 2000/08/12

Name: John Wood
From: Crowthorne, Berkshire,England
This is my favourite favourite
22:57:10 2000/08/11

Name: John Randolph
From: Pgh. PA.
I an new to garden railroading and need all the tips I can get.
17:57:26 2000/08/10

Name: Ron Wenger
From: Martinsburg, WV
George, This just keeps on getting better. Whenever I have a newbie ask me a question I can not answer, your the first place I refer them to. Thanks for taking the time and effort. Ron
12:36:55 2000/08/08

Name: Howard Greenfield
From: Yardley, PA
Great web site...have found much info useful in my endeavors to build a garden railway, as well as improve my AristoCraft trains...
09:07:46 2000/08/08

Name: Gary Anderson
From: Herring Cove NS
George Just getting into G scale, found your site and use it as my Bible. Never buy or do anything without reading your site first. Thanks for the great site and all your efforts to make it this great "HAPPY RAILROADING"
08:08:56 2000/08/06

Name: Bryan Johnson
From: Ft. Worth,Tx.
Sure miss LSOL! Nice webpage.
23:23:54 2000/08/05

Name: Ned Harris
From: North Andover, MA
Absolutely terrific information, very professionally done. Thanks for the hard work.
09:56:58 2000/08/04

Name: Ted Hearn
From: England United Kingdom
Not long started in G-Scale and find your site a magic wonderland of information. Especially the DCC section
13:54:47 2000/08/03

Name: John White
From: Near Vancouver B.C.
Just getting into G scale garden "stuff". Lots of good ideas needed. Great web page. John
00:06:22 2000/08/03

Name: Ted Martin
From: Gurnee, Il
Just researching getting a Garden Railway going. Definitely will have to spend more time reading on your site. Very informative. Thank you.
20:21:18 2000/08/02

Name: Ted Martin
From: Gurnee, Il
Just researching getting a Garden Railway going. Definitely will have to spend more time reading on your site. Very informative. Thank you.
20:13:33 2000/08/02

Name: Chuck Paquette
From: massachusetts
I just started in Garden railroading and the tech tips have been an outstanding resource. And a headache releiver when dealing with Bachman Shay's & Climaxes.
20:02:47 2000/08/02

From: UTAH
12:50:12 2000/08/02

Name: John Jelliman
From: King's Lynn, Norfolk
Your tips are great.Keep them rolling along. cheers.
15:33:34 2000/07/31

From: Pasadena,Tx
Looking good.
22:17:09 2000/07/30

Name: Russell Campbell
From: California
I think you web site has saved me more often than any other train related sight on the web. I thank God for your help.
19:51:11 2000/07/28

Name: Marcus the g-fresh bicycle rider
From: my moma's crotch
Hey you've got a col page here! i was just checkin out the search engines and i came across your page! Well keep ui the good work, and visit mine to please! thanx!
13:54:11 2000/07/26

Name: Gary Brogan
From: Sun Prairie Wisconsin
Thanks for all your help and ideas thru the years and especially for being so willing to share the information!
21:14:35 2000/07/24

Name: Jerry McColgan
From: Austin, Arkansas
Excellent source for G Scale Reference
11:54:32 2000/07/23

Name: Ray Snyder
From: Aurora, Ohio S.E. of Cleveland
I'm just starting in Large Scale modeling, growing up from HO gauge. I find your website interesting and informative. Keep up the good work.
19:47:24 2000/07/22

Name: Stan Cedarleaf
From: San Diego
enjoyed mousing through your girr pages. just have been bitten by the model rr bug after being cured from the "disease" for 45 years. Joined the San Diego Model RR club and operate on the HO layout in the Balboa Museum all day Wednesdays. Great fun. Contemplating a move to Prescott, AZ where a garden rr is being loosely formed in my equally loose sanity. Your techniques and hints will be of great help if the garden rr takes physical form. Thanks again....... Stan Cedarleaf
17:47:40 2000/07/22

Name: Stan Cedarleaf
From: San Diego
enjoyed mousing through your girr pages. just have been bitten by the model rr bug after being cured from the "disease" for 45 years. Joint the San Diego Model RR club and operate on the HO layout in the Balboa Museum all day Wednesdays. Great fun. Contemplating a move to Prescott, AZ where a garden rr is being loosely formed in my equally loose sanity. Your techniques and hints will be of great help if the garden rr takes physical form. Thanks again....... Stan Cedarleaf
17:46:35 2000/07/22

Name: Herwig Gerstner
From: Austria
Also in Austria we like to read your wonderful tips about the large-scale models - Shays, Climaxes and so on. Greetings from a train-dispatcher from the Austrian-Federal-Railway Herwig
11:41:34 2000/07/22

Name: Paul K. Hart
From: Mahopac,N,Y.
This was my first trip to your web site. I found it very informative. The info on the Bachmann Big Hauler and Shay is fantastic. Thanks! I definitly will be back to visit.
20:50:27 2000/07/21

From: Las Cruces NM
19:27:36 2000/07/21

Name: Walt Thompson
From: Burbank, CA
Really enjoyed purusing through the pages of your very informative web ssite. There's a lot of useful information here and I plan to visit often. You've spent a lot of time with the hobby and an awful lot of time building this site. Thanks.
14:30:54 2000/07/21

Name: Jack Boyle
From: Chantilly, VA (west of DC
Your web page is a service to all Large Scale railroaders.
11:37:27 2000/07/21

Name: Gary Lauber
From: Ayr, Ontario, Canada
New to model railroading.
10:24:52 2000/07/21

Name: Robert C. Roehrig
From: Fenton, Michigan
Have been viewing your site now for six months. Very interesting and informative. I am new to Garden Railroading and am starting my first outdoor layout. Nice you have taken the time to share your knowledge with everyone. Keep up the GREAT job.
18:34:28 2000/07/20

Name: Steve R
From: Auburn, WA.
Thank-you for taking up for LSOL, looks great so far
19:34:30 2000/07/19

Name: Paul Williams
From: St. Pete Fl.
Wow thank you
18:41:44 2000/07/18

Name: Allan W. Miller
From: Chesapeake, VA
Outstanding site, George! We need to talk at some point. I'm writing a book on garden railroading (I'm in the publishing business), and it looks as if you might be a very fine resource. Let me know if you're interested. --Allan
21:08:34 2000/07/13

Name: Roger Baumann
From: Twin Cities MN
thanks a million for all the good advice contained in your web pages. As a newcomer, I really appreciate having such resources to use in my LOOK,LISTEN & LEARN period. Hopefully, by soaking up all the knowledge from you & others I can avoid many mistakes in building my own rr.
22:09:41 2000/07/12

Name: Bill Habig
From: Los Alamitos
Thank you for all the new ideas that I can now mull over. Someday my layout will be a reality instead of a dream.
21:22:47 2000/07/08

Name: Jim Francis
From: Moreno Valley, CA
George, I haven't ried any of them yet, but have printed out several, particularly those related to the B'mann Shay and Climax. Truely appreciate your efforts. Thanks, Jim (SVLJim)
23:39:39 2000/07/07

From: England
I like your diary of your British tour, a fair representation of travel at that time of year - if it's any concillation half of the country was down with the flu at Christmas! Did you just get lucky with the travel or did you research the intinery first?? And as a matter of interest, how much use were the Britrail sales staff in the US (like, did they warn you that we shut down for 2 days at Christmas and that the Scots need January 1 to recover as well!). You seem to have done quite well without it but I wrote a page to try to help visitors make the most of our rail network.
15:06:13 2000/07/05

Name: Dave Winter
From: Peachland BC
I turn to this site at least once a week even if the bookmark doesen't show an update. A fine referance. By the way, the annealing process for the "corrugated" siding and roofing material can be done in the BBQ. I lay the 3 by 6 (4 by 8?) sheets on the grill with the heat up to MAX. After 15 min I turn off the gas and let it cool down. The sheets look great and all the spring is gone. Thanks
12:15:21 2000/07/04

Name: Don Hessee
From: Jefferson City, Mo
After the loss of LSOL, the more sites the merrier.
14:25:42 2000/07/03

Name: Gary Lantz
From: Horseheads NY
just checking out your website. I have heard a lot about it. I laid a link up to your site as well. Thanks for your support of the hobby. Gary L.
14:37:31 2000/07/02

From: Atwater,Ca.
What an excellent source of information! Thanks for all your effort.
06:59:20 2000/07/02

Name: Jerry Barnes
From: Plano, TX
Great site, just getting into G with a Shay, Climax and C-16. Your info is really appreciated. Keep up the good work. Jerry
19:15:26 2000/07/01

Name: Len
From: Limpley Stoke, Bath, UK
Great site, George, keep it up! Best wishes, Len G.
16:39:42 2000/06/25

Name: Joel Sherman
From: Germantown, TN
Thanks. Interested in battery power outdoor. Like your ideas and tips.
12:39:24 2000/06/24

Name: Glen Hiraki
From: Renton, WA (south of Seattle)
George, What a wonderful resource you have here. I thank you. As a new owner of a Bachmann Shay, your tips are invalueable. I will be visting your site often.
19:10:00 2000/06/22

Name: Andy Cook
From: Birmingham, Alabama
Great site. Thanks for the information!
13:23:19 2000/06/22

Name: Pete Peterson
From: Rolla, MO
Thanks so much for taking the time to build such a terrific website! I'm off to build your Howe Truss bridge now....
14:49:35 2000/06/20

Name: Lonnie Leonard
From: Austintown Ohio
We loved your sight. It will help us this summer as we are putting in our first garden railroad. Thanks for all the tips.
09:16:50 2000/06/18

Name: Michael Anderson
From: Tumwater, WA
I am doing ALL the mods to my B'mann Shay and was wondering if anyone has done a conversion to make it a Willamette wannabe. Being from the Northwest, I am rather partial to the 'Willies' Michael
01:25:31 2000/06/10

Name: Darryl Bernett
From: Yorkville, IL
I've just started in 1:29 scale with Aristo and USA equipment, and have used your review of the Aristo 0-4-0 to do some detail work, and am looking forward to using more of your material. As soon as I can figure out what to ask, I'll probably have questions to ask. I've been in model railroading for a number of years, but starting in Garden Railroading is almost like starting over all over again.
00:08:15 2000/06/10

Name: Robert I. Miller
From: Vallejo,CA 94591
Your page gets better all the time. I have not had an opportunity to look at it since I moved from Ashland,Or. I'm sure that everyone derives a great deal of useful information from your efforts. Thank You!!!
01:51:45 2000/06/05

Name: Martin Ellis
Love this site ! Planning to make trestle brige on a curve and other bridges so your tips and plans will help I'm sure.
05:35:30 2000/05/31

Name: Darryl Hrin
From: Ramona,Ca.
17:37:21 2000/05/30

Name: George B. Schreyer
From: Canada
My father and I were checking out the Schreyer name on the internet. You are the fifth George Schreyer sorry the sixth that we now know of. Cheers!
21:02:16 2000/05/24

Name: Randy Oyagi
From: Toronto, Canada
I'm new to F/G and really appreciate the info you provide to the hobby. I still have a bunch of N-scale (that has barely made it out of the box) but now that I've just gotten my first pair of bifocals, F/G is the way to go!
00:11:44 2000/05/24

Name: Don Upton
From: Calgary,Canada
Great source of info. Thanks.
22:34:06 2000/05/22

Name: Joe Stanley
From: Philadelohia, PA
Nice looking layout. Pic's are great. Thanks for sharing.
21:48:53 2000/05/10

Name: Mel Witzman
From: St Helen, Mi.
Excellent information
20:49:37 2000/05/10

Name: Dave Kettering
From: MN
Your information has been a great help. Thanks.
14:16:07 2000/05/10

Name: Johnny Wickham
excellent site
05:54:55 2000/05/09

Name: Earl Myers
From: Louisville, Ohio
Am starting an INdoor 40x70 Aristo based layout. Have 7 Pacifics, 5 C-16s and 80 cars and am new at this game. Thanks for your help George!!
22:05:10 2000/05/05

Name: Steven J. Stockham
From: Salina, KS
Wow! It's wonderful to have such a smorgasbord of informative information at your fingertips! I am having BBT upgrade my 4-6-0 (including Sierra sound). I'll let you know the results.
22:21:43 2000/05/04

Name: Vincent Guido
From: New Jersey
Any places known to be close to NJ for large scale layouts, stores, clubs, or events would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Vinny
22:35:14 2000/05/03

Name: Vincent Ramo
From: Oklahoma City
I am starting my new truss bridge. the timbers are cut and I just ordered the nuts and washers from McMaster's. Now, what did you use to thred the rods? I am kind of a dumb clown. HELP. Vince Ramo (aka) Stumbles T. Clown
09:31:02 2000/05/02

Name: Stan Rourke
From: Clayton, GA
Enjoyed your site. Think I might try my luck at garden railroading. Thanks for sharing.
21:49:59 2000/04/28

Name: Jeff Boggess
From: Austin, Texas
My first visit to your website. I loved the review of the Aristo Delton c-16 because I'm going to buy one this weekend. I model the DSP&PRR on an indoor layout in my garage. Thanks for your assistance! JRB, 4/28/00
18:46:31 2000/04/28

Name: Al Krug
From: Bandon, OR
Hi George, See you're still enjoying two of your favorite hobbies. It's been 5 years since I retired, but I still haven't gotten very far with model RR'ing. Got too involved in service clubs and church. I'm busier than when I was working at TRW.
23:58:22 2000/04/26

Name: Chuck Burch
From: LaVergne, TN
Finally found a good source for lighting circuits and goodies. RAM Track lighting systems ( Thier white LED headlights with constant voltage are awesome.
01:02:41 2000/04/26

Name: larry dematteo
From: deltona,fl.
first visit, great so far. thanks for being here. larry d.
20:01:33 2000/04/23

Name: Bob Unick
From: Pleasanton Ne
Very good page and a lot of information on a lot of difference trains Bob
17:58:11 2000/04/23

Name: Phil Stump
From: FT. Wayne In.
I want to thank you for your pages. I find them very helpfull. Also re your jigstones project, You may want to try Z-brick adhisive. I found it to be very good in assembling 2 Bldgs. A stone depot and a stone mill with a water wheel. The material is waterproof,sets over night,is viscous enough to allow ample work to progress, and it is cheep. Thanks again for the page. Hope you find my suggestion helpfull.
18:05:37 2000/04/20

Name: Jim Schneider
From: Onalaska, WI
20:44:36 2000/04/19

Name: Bud Harriss
From: St Augustine, FL
Have always (2 yrs plus)enjoyed checking out your website, and regard it as the definitive authority on G scale.
16:52:20 2000/04/15

Name: Tony Harcourt
From: Monroe, Ct.
Just found your site, courtesy of TATE. It is always good to find a high quality information resource. TH
19:46:09 2000/04/14

Name: Frank Wroblewski
From: Brampton Ont. Canada
I will be trying the installation Aristo 5490 on-board remote. I always refer to your sugestions and fixes. Thank You
13:41:21 2000/04/14

Name: Jerry Jackson
From: Seattle
Starting my first G gauge layout. A small simple indoor one.
17:27:01 2000/04/12

Name: Earl Carey
From: Waldorf, MD
Enjoy you web site, it's the best sourvce of info going. Keep up the good work
19:41:28 2000/04/10

From: lancaster
22:13:15 2000/04/09

Name: Joel Sherman
From: Germantown, TN
Battery power G scale
19:56:16 2000/04/09
Name: vito loschiavo
From: gainesville , fl
this is great, wish i knew about it when i first started building my layout. It will still be a great help in the future.
12:26:14 2000/04/09

Name: Roger Axten
From: U.K.
Very intersting site. Found it informative but I am really into Metre Gauge and was looking for some info on the old Denver Rio Grand and was waylaid for 3Hrs on your site. Great stuff.
14:51:09 2000/04/07

Name: Robin Wade
From: Montana
Really enjoyed your site. Found a number of very helpful items here. Thanks, you're a great resource which I'll recommend to my friends.
12:56:28 2000/04/07

10:01:20 2000/04/06

Name: bill tickner
From: ocala fl
Terrific. you have done a great job.Would like to send you some pictures of my layout let me hear from you
12:25:27 2000/04/05

Name: paul constan
From: Melb Australia
Could you pls advise where I can purchase g scale trains other than lgb in Melbourne or Australia. Thanks
08:32:03 2000/04/05

Name: jim royal
From: jacksonville,fl
i printed out your tips on the bach. big hauler. hopefully it will help me get mine running again. thanks for the assist.
20:32:44 2000/04/04

Name: Bill Clements
From: Tewksbury,Mass.
Just starting out and am looking for all kinds of material and ideas for garden rring
16:07:53 2000/04/03

Name: Troy Vickers
From: Illinois, Lake County
George, awesome web site. Themost valuable source I have found. It is straight to the point on so many issues. Time, money and frustration (life) saver. Thanks for your hard work, insight and generousity. Troy
10:12:26 2000/04/03

Name: Mike Foster
From: Boston, MA
Sandy River & Rangeley Lake R.R. is my interest as well as The Billerica and Bedford, and The Boston Revere Beach & Lynn, all 2 footers
18:13:13 2000/04/01

Name: paul torrey
From: Syracuse, New York
You have a very good web site. Full of great information for the hobbyist. Very detailed and easy to understand. I love it.
18:41:08 2000/03/30

Name: Jeff Carter
From: Indianapolis
Have you had any work with the Del-Air product line. I am starting to use them on my garden RR and they seem to work fine. I use Aristo wide rad. switches. Any thoughts on water in the air lines?
13:11:28 2000/03/29

Name: Otto Tonti
From: Ft. Myers, FL.
Thanks for the info on DCC. I'm new to the hobby and thought I could just buy a loco & have RC installed...just like that. You have saved me from a costly mistake.
19:16:12 2000/03/27

Name: Bob Devine
From: Okotoks Alberta Cdn.
Nice layout hope you have many hours of enjoyment. Bob Devine SHEEP RIVER LINE OKOTOKS ALBERTA CANADA
18:43:00 2000/03/27

Name: Dennis Peoples
From: Portland> OR
Rose City GRS I'm really enjoying your site
21:15:45 2000/03/24

Name: Bill Clements
From: Tewksbury,Mass.
Just starting out and am looking for all kinds of material and ideas for garden rring
16:07:53 2000/04/03

Name: Troy Vickers
From: Illinois, Lake County
George, awesome web site. Themost valuable source I have found. It is straight to the point on so many issues. Time, money and frustration (life) saver. Thanks for your hard work, insight and generousity. Troy
10:12:26 2000/04/03

Name: Mike Foster
From: Boston, MA
Sandy River & Rangeley Lake R.R. is my interest as well as The Billerica and Bedford, and The Boston Revere Beach & Lynn, all 2 footers
18:13:13 2000/04/01

Name: paul torrey
From: Syracuse, New York
You have a very good web site. Full of great information for the hobbyist. Very detailed and easy to understand. I love it.
18:41:08 2000/03/30

Name: Jeff Carter
From: Indianapolis
Have you had any work with the Del-Air product line. I am starting to use them on my garden RR and they seem to work fine. I use Aristo wide rad. switches. Any thoughts on water in the air lines?
13:11:28 2000/03/29

Name: Otto Tonti
From: Ft. Myers, FL.
Thanks for the info on DCC. I'm new to the hobby and thought I could just buy a loco & have RC installed...just like that. You have saved me from a costly mistake.
19:16:12 2000/03/27

Name: Bob Devine
From: Okotoks Alberta Cdn.
Nice layout hope you have many hours of enjoyment. Bob Devine SHEEP RIVER LINE OKOTOKS ALBERTA CANADA
18:43:00 2000/03/27

Name: Dennis Peoples
From: Portland> OR
Rose City GRS I'm really enjoying your site
21:15:45 2000/03/24

Name: george hoover
From: lincon. ne
lost my bookmarks and am updating them
00:57:23 2000/03/21

Name: Dave Winter
From: Peachland BC
An simply outstanding effort. Just what I'd been looking for over the past 12 months. To think of all the pain I went through taking my new GP9's apart for painting with no idea of what to do next... Sure wish I had found this site. Also glad to see some info on the C-16 operation and Aristo turnouts. Sound(GP9)is my next job and your data will be very valuable. Bookmarked, Thanks again. Dave
23:51:24 2000/03/20

Name: Jeff Strouse
From: Altadena,Ca.
My 8 year old son and I are building an outdoor Garden Railroad.I am considering purchasing Aristo's Train Engineer system.I'm trying to get info on the pro and cons. I'll have about 12 tournouts and two independent loops.I enjoy reading your comments and ideas.
23:14:10 2000/03/20

Name: Bob and Mimi Rice
From: Nocatee, FL
20:17:30 2000/03/17

Name: Dave & Tressie Crocker
From: Fallbrook Ca
TumbleDown Creek RR in the building stage
09:38:32 2000/03/17

Name: Bob Pero
From: Tampa, Florida
Keep up the great work-see my e-mail.
13:14:26 2000/03/15

Name: Todd
Was reviewing your page on wyes. May want to mention that the electrial switch for the wye turnout could be a 3pdt. Throwing this switch then sets the wye turnout, the turnout for the desired direction (either in or out) and "straightens the third turnout. Initially, I used a dpdt to change both the wye turnout and set the turnout for the desired direction but did not use it to straighten the other turnout. As a result, when the train pulled out of the wye section, went around the pike, and came back to the wye area, it would pull into the wye section gain. But at this point the wye turnout was set for the other direction. Of course this would cause a short circut when the train pulled into the wye and would pop the TE fuse. These modifications just make life a little easier.
20:02:57 2000/03/10

Name: R.W. Marty
From: Bella Vista, CA
Great web site,from what Iv'e seen youv'e put in a lot of work. You are right those Bachmann Shays run great....
18:29:58 2000/03/06

Name: Al James
From: New Hampshire
Great tips! They have been lifesavers more than once. Too bad the manufacturers aren't as diligent as you are.
13:20:21 2000/03/03

Name: roger davis
From: buenos aires , argentina
I run a 10 1/4"tourist narrow gauge steam railway
17:46:50 2000/03/01

Name: Don Gagel
From: New Bremen, Ohio
I'm new to G scale railroading and would like to thank you for a really informative web site. I've learned more from your site than any of the books I've been able to read. As soon as winter breaks, I'll be starting on my outdoor layout of about 170', of which 110' will be on a low trestle. I'm sure I'll be visiting your informative pages to get and keep my layout and rolling stock (mostly Aristo) working well. Keep up the good work! Thanks again, Don Gagel
12:56:08 2000/03/01

Name: Richard Dahlke
From: Round Rock, Tx
Due to metal fatigue the sound linkage wire between the engine and tender of one of my Bahchmann ten wheelers had to be replaced. Bachmann sent the part and while I was replacing it I decided to do the sound upgrade you described. I am very happy with the results. I have a few more ten wheelers and I might not wait until the conncetion has to be replaced to upgrade them. Thanks for the information. The only problem was deciding what Radio Shack part to get. I was successful in my selection even though a bit uncertain.
12:04:45 2000/03/01

Name: Steven
From: Almere (the Netherlands)
Keep up!
05:24:17 2000/03/01

13:29:57 2000/02/29

Name: George Schreyer
From: Manhattan, KS
nice name Mr. Schreyer, the site is nice as well
22:11:26 2000/02/28

From: edmontoncanada
found your article on the Backman climax very usfull I completly rewired it to run on dcc Iremoved all the brass connectors and hard wired every thing thanque for thi help Ray
00:19:42 2000/02/28

Name: Brad Lyons
From: Boise, ID
I check out your tech tips every few days; fascinating, and useful.
22:21:01 2000/02/27

Name: Martin Langan
From: Howard Beach, NY
Thanks for the information. This is my favorite train web site.
18:00:18 2000/02/27

Name: Ed Kolakowski
From: pa
Nice sight I'll be back.
17:38:00 2000/02/27

Name: Rod McLauchlin
From: So. California
One of the best web sites I have visited
16:06:33 2000/02/27

Name: Fred Hillhouse
From: Manchester NH
I have checked out your web site many times. Since I just received a MEC U-25 today, I figured it was a good idea to check it out again. Nice work; website and all! My rolling stock consist of a 1989 LGB starter set and a Playmobile Passenger set with an additional gondola. There is plenty of 'right of way' ~75' that gets laid every Christmas. I wonder how the U25 will handle the 2' radius turns. Keep up the good work.
19:55:03 99/12/14

Name: Art Laursen
From: Greeley Hill Ca. Yosemite Nat'l Park is my back yard
Geo. it has all been said by others so I'll just say thanks for all your help.
12:01:38 99/12/13

Name: Darryl Noble
From: Dallas, OREGON
Many times I have used the hints/tips to aid in a project. THANK YOU GEORGE
21:46:40 99/12/11

Name: Rich Niemeyer
From: Taos, NM
Great website with very useful information George. Keep up the great work!, but please don't pass my email address on to others. I can't stand SPAM! Rich
19:39:00 99/12/11

Name: Tom Murray
From: Chesnee SC
THANKS!!!, just got my first big train for Christmas/Birthday. Bachmann unit. Yours is the first bit of real information I've come up on. THANK You.
06:51:52 99/12/11

Name: Bill Wagner
From: Beckley, WV
Just moved here from Sanford, FL 3 months ago so I don't have my layout up and running yet. Living in an RV until I build a log home. Could be a long time, so my railroad isn't going to wait until then. I will start it in the spring. Am trying to start a Garden Railroad Society/Modular Large Scale Club her in Beckley. Don't have a website yet but will as soon as I start my layout so I can keep folks back in FL posted as to how it's going. Thanks for all the tips on your page. I've been visiting it ever since I first found it (I believe about 2 1/2 years ago) and I think you were on geocities then.
13:08:48 99/12/10

Name: Peter Peyer
From: Greenville, SC
Since my recent early retirement I picked up my old love from my youth: Model Railroading. I've been working on my G-indoor layout for almost a year now. During that time your Tips And Hints have helped me numerous times in making the right decisions and in understanding, for instance, the possibilities of PWC, etc. Thank you so much! Peter Peyer
12:57:49 99/12/10

Name: Peter Peyer
From: Greenville, SC
Since my recent early retirement I picked up my old love from my youth: Model Railroading. I've been working on my G-indoor layout for almost a year now. During that time your Tips And Hints have helped me numerous times in making the right decisions and in understanding, for instance, the possibilities of PWC, etc. Thank you so much! Peter Peyer
12:57:35 99/12/10

Name: Peter Peyer
From: Greenville, SC
Since my recent earsy retirement I picked up my old love from my youth, Model Railroading. I've been working on my indoor layout for almost a year now. During that time your Tips And Hints have helped me numerous times in making the right decisions. Thank you so much!
12:53:40 99/12/10

Name: brian west
From: havelock nc
i want to put a train in my front yard but i know little about any of it. know any books about it
20:03:18 99/12/09

Name: Jack Mullen
From: Newton,MA
We operate the Nonantum Hill Garden Railway and run LGB equipment. I have enjoyed reading your article on the care and operation of LGB switches. You provide an excellent source of information for all of us. Thank you.
17:53:08 99/12/09

Name: Simon Bergen-Henengouwen
From: Calgary, Canada
Enjoyed reading your description on the Howe truss. "Load Path"? You must be an engineer!? Great site. Keep up the good work. Out club refers to it often. Do you have anything on R/C G scale?
01:16:30 99/12/09

Name: Bobby
From: Spartanburg, S.C.
I just used your tips to modify a Bachman 10 wheeler. It pulls MUCH better and I strapped down the motor! The pictures helped alot! Thanks
18:04:37 99/12/04

Name: Ed Jackson
From: Phila. PA
08:58:36 99/12/03

Name: John Wood
From: Crowthorne England
Just to let you know that you are appreciated this side of the pond as well. Keep up the good work!
16:30:38 99/12/02
hr width="500">
Name: John Wood
From: Crowthorne England
Just to let you know that you are appreciated this side of the pond as well. Keep up the good work!
16:30:04 99/12/02

Name: Alex Bell
From: Durango, Co
very nice and informative site. I just got into G scale after years in HO and need all the advice I can get.
16:44:21 99/11/29

Name: Steve Seitel
From: Montana
George, everytime I access your page(s) I am overwhelmed by the wealth of good information you post. For a beginner like me, it is very, very helpful. Thank you very much.
00:04:16 99/11/29

Name: Dave Schilling
From: Northwest Arkansas
Thank you for your terrific web site. I have the 'shay' which I sent back once for repair of the top cover of the rear truck. I hadn't seen your page (s)at the time and disassembly wasn't obvious so I chickened out. The info which you have made available almost approaches overload. Again thanks. I'm also having a noise problem with my On30 loco.I'm certain that it is a bind or gear mesh problem. Info to date is confusing both from Bachmann and a contributor (Jim H). Jims info seems to match my loco, but again I hesitate to start prying on plastic parts that resist 'slight' pressure. I think some info on power would help-- min volt-- start run,scale speed at 4 volt, 5, 6,-- 10 etc. Well, the wife has some honey do-s, so I'll close. Dave
11:05:39 99/11/27

Name: George Houle
From: Lynnwood washington
I would like to know if you lower your cars and add body mount couplers al la Per a Gary Raymond artical some years back? Thank you for the great web site. George
23:56:27 99/11/25

Name: Walter J. Bayer II
From: Lawrenceville, NJ
Your tech tips are an invaluable resource. I commend you on your thorough and well-presented work! My thanks and best regards.
15:47:07 99/11/22

Name: Glenn Joesten
From: Marina, CA
Trying to find an address that I canuse to acccess this directly, rather than via Bachmann's site.
11:39:07 99/11/22

Name: Tony Calpin
From: Colorado
please do not sell or give my e-mail to solicitors.
11:50:00 99/11/21

Name: Art Lamb
From: Plymouth, MA
Thanks for all of the information I'm new to big trains.
19:57:45 99/11/20

Name: Mike Anderson
From: Cambria, CA
George, Thank You very much for all the info you have posted for any and all of us to use. Also your continued interest to update the material. This is an invaluable site and a true form of friendship in the railroading community. Many thanks, Mike
18:59:38 99/11/20

Name: Alex Bell
From: Durango, Co
you have a really nice site. I just got into G scale and I am looking for any and all kinds of informantion. This has been very helpful to me.
22:46:47 99/11/17

Name: Theron S. Bailey
From: Spotsylvania, VA
George, As I said in an e-mail several weeks ago, your pages are by far the best single source of tech info on the large scale hobby that I have ever found. Thanks, and keep up the good work! I'm also sending you a separate e-mail with another question and a couple of observations.
09:41:59 99/11/17

Name: mike anenberg
From: Lake Havasu, AZ
The scope of this project is unparalled. The mission is absolutely amazing. Good job! I used to live in San Dimas Ca. for many years so I am familiar with this location. Thank you for a great adventure.
00:37:03 99/11/14

Name: Dennis Dreier
From: Lewisberry, Pa
Just want to say thanks for all the technical information. Very helpful to me.
16:01:11 99/11/13

Name: Ken Knowles
From: Austin, TX
Excellent site. Great info and detail. I thought surely you had no wife and kids to allow you time enough to put into this hobby! Well done.
16:51:17 99/11/12

Name: Poppa Shehop
From: Southwestern PA
Your site is the best site I have seen I will put a link on my site for you come and check out my site sometime Poppa_shehop
15:28:13 99/11/10

Name: Chris Stark
From: North Carolina
Wow! You have really put in the time and put together a nice set of pages. A friend of mine who is into HO found your page and gave me your address. I must say that I will have much to look at! Your tips on the Bachmann Shay and Climax are most interesting. Thanks for the effor you put in.
18:34:39 99/11/09

Name: Don Lilly
From: Clayton Ca.
Enjoy you pages very much.I really use your tips and thank you very much.
16:02:40 99/11/09

Name: Carl Tobin
From: Brookings, Or or the rain forrest
George ,I am a longtime modeler !0 yrsI like , you believe in sharing with others .If we do we can all enjoy life more. I am new to computers, I am at the library and have discovered your outstandinbg web page.this information will be a help to me .great work,but how do you find the time,I understand you still work. I hope that I can contribute to this hobby in the future.We should have a computer going around Thanksgiving. In the past I have avoided computers like the plague as I am a Clockmaker and have little tiime,"no pun intended" .I will be anxious to converse with you. I live in the soutwest corner of Oregon where it rains about 125 in a year yet its not called a rain forrest ? contact you soon thanks for the excellent work,contact you as soon as I get an address..Carl.
13:05:36 99/11/09

Name: dave beames
From: everett wa
Looking to buy big hauler in a set I saw at hardware store. Think it is the great northern set.Track about two inches wide? How do you rig a train to just go back and forth on strait track?
01:23:35 99/11/08

Name: Steve Campbell
From: Indiana
I really enjoyed your articles. Especially the ones on the howe Truss Bridge, The Pacific, And Mountain Divison RR. Thank you.
18:44:52 99/11/05

Name: Robert Fiedler
From: Chesapeake Va.
There is more tips and info at your site than every where else combined. Thanks for sharing it.
14:33:18 99/11/05

Name: David Jackson
From: Bartlett, TN
Really appreciate all of the great info you provide and always read your postings on LSOL. I may not always agree with you, but I value and respect your knowledgeable opinion. Thanx, David
13:08:40 99/11/05

Name: Dave Schilling
From: Garfield,Ar.
Will spend more time here later.
19:00:57 99/11/04

Name: Ed Ashley
From: Yarmouth, Maine
Thanks George, this is a real help to a large scale newbie.
16:45:26 99/11/04

Name: Rick
From: Wilmington, DE - USA
Although I don't usually sign guestbooks, I simply couldn't not sign after a short tour of your site. Both the GIRR and your site are a pleasure to visit/view. I will be sure to make a return trip!
15:55:43 99/11/04

Name: Joseph Belle
From: N.Y
thank for your response, ever time I e-mail you ,you responed thanks
13:23:21 99/11/03

Name: Jacques J. Perron
From: Maryland
A SUPER reference page!!! Very detailed and directly useable. Should be a major force in advancing Large Scale for users moving up from the toy level. It would be helpful to include layout planning guidelines dealing with such issues as grades, curves, vertical
10:45:03 99/11/03

From: Woodinville, Wa
Great site with lots of helpfull information. Was your site that convinced me to have my Shay converted to battery power. Keep up the good work!
10:42:16 99/11/03

21:20:34 99/11/01

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