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Foothill Rails--Diamond & Caldor Maps and Photos
Diamond & Caldor


Diamond Springs Street Map
Museum Display Map
Rail Map #1
California Door Co Sanborn Map

note: Regards the Diamond and Caldor, both your maps show "Rodwell (Coles)" as a single station point. This is incorrect. Rodwell, at the 15 mile post (D&C employees used this phrase instead of the normal 'mile post 15'), is at the head of the grade coming out of the Cosumnes River canyon. Trains were broken up here for decent into the canyon in groups of ten cars; and conversely, MTy trains were reassembled for the trip to Caldor. There was a wye and an oil facility. Last time I was there, the entire site was posted.

Coles, at the 21 mile post, had a wye, and a water tank. The importance of Coles is this: once Caldor was made into a truck reload, most of the trackage was abandoned. Trains coming out of Caldor had the locomotive in reverse, due to a lack of a wye at that place. Coles was the first station point from Caldor with a wye. The locomotives were then turned, and were run forward to Diamond Springs. Last time I was there, the yard track area was still visible, but the wye portion is on private property and the owner wasn't very friendly.

Trading loads for emptys did occur at both Rodwell and Coles, depending on operating situations.

The maps you have shown are to what amounts as to the common carrier portion of the original construction. The woods trackage covers something like 80 full sections. It extends all the way to highway 88 in the south and a point called the Five Corners; east to Duncan Corral; north to Camp Webster and Long Canyon. Also, we found a spur east of Meyer Fire Tank which extends a good ten miles, and we did not find end of track that day.
Dave Braun


Locomotives & Rolling Stock
1. 2. 3. 4.
1. Shay #4 moves loads around at Diamond Springs,CA.
2. #4 at Diamond Springs,CA in 1953 (Marc Reusser Collection)
3. #4 Under restoration at El Dorado Co. Museum, Placerville,CA
4. El Dorado Western Ry Foundation continues restoration of shay #4. (Steven Karoly image)
5. 6. 7. 8.
5. Madera Sugarpine #5 was used only for parts. (Marc Reusser Collection)
6. Shay #6. (Marc Reusser Collection)
7. #6 dumping logs into the mill pond at Diamond Springs,CA. (John Barnhill Collection)
8. Rear shot of Shay #6. (John Barnhill Collection)
9. 10.
9. 1959 photo of #7 at Diamond Springs,CA. (Marc Reusser Collection)
10. #7 near engine house at Diamond Springs,CA. (Steven Karoly Collection)
11. 12. 13.
11. #8 at Diamond Springs,CA. (Marc Reusser Collection)
12. #8 dumps logs at the Diamond Springs Mill. (Richard Thomas/John Barnhill Collection)
13. Hauling empties back to the woods, #8 crosses Pleasant Valley Rd at Tiger Lily. (Mark Almer Collection)
14. 15. 16. 17.
14. Shay #10 at Diamond Springs,CA. (Louis Stradiotto image)
15. #10 dumps logs at the mill. Diamond Springs,CA. (John Barnhill Collection)
16. #10 at Diamond Springs,CA. (John Barnhill Collection)
17. #10 approaching Tie Cabin Tank, aka Summit Tank at 28 mile post near Leoni. (John Barnhill Collection)
18. 19.
18. Centercab diesel #1001 at Diamond Springs,CA. (Richard Thomas/John Barnhill Collection)
19. #1001 in a later life, Portland,OR. August 1967. (Tom Moungovan image)
20. 21.
20. Railbus #10 was named Tally Ho. Diamond Springs,CA (Richard Thomas/John Barnhill Collection)
21. After serving Diamond & Caldor, #10 went to the Camino Cable & Northern. Camino,CA 1972. (Chuck Doan image)
22.-23. The railbus and its trailer are under restoration at the El Dorado Co Museum in Placerville,CA.
24. 25. 26.
24.-25. Two more views of Tally Ho in service on the Camino Cable & Northern. July 1966. (Tom Moungovan images)
26. Work continues to restore the railbus to her original configuration.
27. 28. 29. 30.
27. 4-bunk flat #251. (John Barnhill Collection)
28. Tank #2 (John Cummings/John Barnhill Collection)
29. Block car #C. (John Barnhill Collection)
30. Flatcar #64 at Ardenwood Park in Fremont,CA.

Diamond Springs
1. 2. 3. 4.
1. The lead switch for California Door Co/ D & C off the SP Placerville Branch. Located on Missouri Flat Rd.
2. A few years later and the switch along with a few hundred feet of track has been removed.
3. The D & C ran along the south side of the SP depot site. Some rail is still in evidence.
4. This field once was the site of the engine house and car shops along Missouri Flat Rd.
5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
5.-6. The planing mill building still stands. One of the last remaining structures.
7. This view of the sawmill site is taken from close to the same spot as photos above of logs being dumped into the pond.
8. What is left of the log pond. Most of it has been filled and developed.
9. The water tower for the mill still stands as well.
10. 11. 12. 13.
10. The Diamond Springs engine house circa 1951. (Steven Karoly Collection)
11. Triple stub switch leading to the engine house. (Richard Thomas/John Barnhill Collection)
12. Water tower at the Diamond Springs engine house. (John Barnhill Collection)
13. The lineup includes, l to r, #7, #8, #10 and #4. (John Barnhill Collection)

Along the Right-Of-Way
1. 2. 3. 4.
1. Topo map of Bucks Bar area of right of way.
2. The grade xing at Bucks Bar Road. View looking towards Caldor.
3.-4. North and South abutments for the Cosumnes River bridge.
5. 6. 7.
5. Topo map of Cosumnes River Xing area of right of way.
6.-7. Shortly after crossing the Cosumnes River is the Happy Valley Rd Xing.
8. 9.
8. Grizzley Flats Rd crosses the main at Diamond RR Grade Pvt Drive near Coles Station.
9. A random right of way shot along Caldor Road. View towards Caldor.
10. 11. 12.
10.-12. A branch crosses Leoni Rd between Grizzley Flats and Caldor.

There is not much left to see at Caldor, just a few flat spots in the woods. Image 1 is supposedly where
the mill stood on Dogtown Creek. The fifth image is where the mainline came into Caldor. The last three shots
are along the mainline heading towards Diamond Springs.

1. 2. 3.
1-3. Signage at the El Dorado County Museum Placerville,CA.
4. 5.
4.-5. 1918 rail pass front and back. (Steven Karoly Collection)

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