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Foothill Rails--Diamond and Caldor References
Diamond and Caldor References
    I currently know only of the following items. If you know of any others, please email me.

1.  Book, Narrow Guage Nostalgia by George Turner

2.  Book, El Dorado Narrow Guage: The Diamond and Caldor by Mallory Hope Ferrell

3.  Magazine Article, Narrow Guage and Shortline Gazette, Jan./Feb. 1981, pg.60, D&C Shay #10 Drawings.

4.  Magazine Article, Narrow Guage and Shortline Gazette Vol.12, #6, Jan./Feb. 1987, page 74-75, D&C Camp and Cabin Cars by Al Armitage.

5.  Magazine Article, Narrow Guage and Shortline Gazette Vol.28, #2, May/June 2002, page 41-44, Redecking D&C Flatcar #64 by Ken Ruble.

6.  Magazine, Western Railroader, Vol. 31, #9, Sept. 1969 Issue 343, This is a reprint of the D&C chapter from book, Narrow Guage Nostalgia.

7.   Book, California High Country Narrow Guage Railroads, by George Turner
This is a reprint of the book Narrow Guage Nostalgia. (Overview)

8.   Magazine Article, Finescale Railroader, Dec. 2002, pg. 32, D&C Skeleton Car #33 Plans and Drawings

9.   Video, Narrow Guage Logging Railroads of El Dorado County, by Catenary Video Productions.

10.   Magazine Article, Timber Times, Issue 37, pgs 8-11, Diamond & Caldor Water Tank by Dan Downing

11.   Video, A Rough Cut Life: Logging Railroad Stories, Catenary Productions

12.   Magazine Article, Logging Mining & Industrial Annual Spring 2009, pgs 4-57, Mallory Hope Ferrell

13.   Magazine Article, Narrow Guage Shortline & Gazette, Sept/Oct 1995 pg 58, Bear Meadow Water Tank

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